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Now we had some time to think about what happened in the amazing season premiere of our favorite show. Why was Beckett lying about her memory? What will happen next? What if Castle found out about Beckett's secret? What if Beckett found out about Castle's secret?

The big man himself, Andrew Marlowe, gives us some answers in an on-set interview with TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich.

(Mitovich:) Why did Beckett lie to Castle about remembering?
(Marlowe:) Being the kind of person she is, I think she’s not ready to deal with the emotional consequences of accepting what she heard. She has very strong feelings for Castle, which she recognizes but is concerned about acting on because she’s concerned about what it will do to their relationship. She’s also concerned that she’s at a point where she’s really fragile. She wants a real relationship, she doesn’t want to be a “conquest,” just another one of the many women he’s been with. She feels like he’s important in her life, and that she should be important in his — and she doesn’t trust that yet.

(Mitovich:) But they have these moments – like, in the hotel room in Los Angeles – where any two consenting adults would have simply gone for it and kissed already. What’s the danger?
(Marlowe:) Well, have you ever been in love with somebody who you’re really good friends with? And you know it could all go bad?

(Mitovich:) Yes – and it did. [Laughs]
(Marlowe:) See, there’s a lot at stake – basically their whole relationship — and I think there are some questions in her mind that are unsettled, about his life and his marriages… and about who she is and whether she’s ready for that relationship, for "The One." comer to recognize that she has some work to do on herself before she can open up – and she is not by nature an open person, because of some of the things that have happened in her life.

(Mitovich:) In your mind, did Castle’s name come up in her breakup talk with Josh?
(Marlowe:) I think that it came out of Josh’s mouth. I think that she tried keep it out of her mouth, but I’m pretty sure Josh mentioned it a number of times.

(Mitovich:) Nathan did a great job of making Castle appear positively crestfallen upon realizing his “I love you” fell on deaf ears. How quickly will he jump back in the game, if at all?
(Marlowe:) The answer to that is in the [premiere], where she offers him hope. There’s subtext when she’s saying, “I’m not going to have the relationship I want to have until I solve my mother’s case.” And now we’re in a really interesting situation where he can’t let her look into it, because she’s going to be killed –  that’s really the impediment here. That allows us to continue with the Beckett-and-Castle tension and playfulness as we’re moving forward. As you saw at the tail end, we had two very big revelations – that Castle was going to push forward on the [Johanna Beckett] case without her, and we get her admission that she remembers. They both have these enormous secrets from each other this season that hopefully will color and play into the subtext of everything we’re doing. If either of these secrets comes to light, the other party could see it as being a huge betrayal.

(Mitovich:) If Beckett ever learns that Castle purposely led her away from the case, she’s going to be pissed.
(Marlowe:) And how do you think he’ll feel if he discovers that all this time she has known [what he said]?

(Mitovich:) See, that I think is more forgivable. She’s protecting her heart.
(Marlowe:) But what does she want? There’s a lot of fun material to be mined there.

(Mitovich:) So, given what she said, will Kate not be dating at all?
(Marlowe:) Uh…. I would not want to say no. I want the fans to tune in and see how we handle it. I make no grand pronouncements on either of them and their relationships. I know what our fans are investing in, and we want to be fair and honest with them and not frustrate them too much.

What do you think will happen if one will find out about the others secret? And what did you like about Rise and what not?

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