The new look of Kate Beckett's apartment

Kate Beckett's new interior

The LA Times published a piece about detective Becktett's newly decorated apartment:

Fans of "Castle" will have something new to explore on Monday: New York police Det. Kate Beckett's reimagined loft. When the ABC drama kicked off Season 4 on Monday, Beckett was near death from a gunshot wound and it was to this loft that she retreated after her apartment had been blown up at the end of Season 2. The gung-ho cop returns this season a changed woman -- and the vibe of her newly redecorated 1,200-square-foot home reflects that.
"There’s a lot about the space that I think indicates a shift in the character," said actress Stana Katic, who plays Beckett.

"Castle" production designer Alfred Sole said Beckett’s new loft had been constructed to reflect that she was in a bad place emotionally. Protection is the main theme of the interiors, important for a character who knows someone out there still wants to kill her.
Sole has painted the brick walls and exposed beams with putty-colored Benjamin Moore paint, a color called Indian River, and added faux metal door and window trims in Steel Gray paint from Modern Masters.
"I really enjoy the industrial feel," Katic said. "After Beckett’s last place exploded, she drew in on herself, creating a lair, a bat cave."
The new home is defined by carefully chosen retro furniture, such as two school stools that the design team bought at a yard sale. The key to the space, however, is a floor-to-ceiling painting, right, by pop surrealist Alex Gross.
"I love the painting," Katic said.  "I think it describes Beckett, especially this season. There’s an eclipse happening in the background and everything is crashing around her."
Sole has used the muted mauves, browns and grays in the painting to set the palette for other furnishings, which include a Saarinen table by Knoll. A pot-bellied stove with glass doors from Rais and a range of lighting from Lamps Plus placed at different heights give the loft its warmth, a balance to the cool industrial minimalism.

Eclectic decorating accents act like whispers from Beckett's former life: A pop Chinese painting from the Merry Karnowsky Gallery overlooks the kitchen. A farmhouse sink with double faucets sits opposite a Jacobean revival table from HD Buttercup. Sole had the studio metal shop turn the table into an island by adding a cook top and covering the rest of the table with the same patterned metal used in industrial flooring.The glass fishbowl lights are from Lamps Plus. Stairs, below, ostensibly lead to a rooftop garden.

Nothing matches in the cocooned space, and the overall effect is a bit edgy, like the character of Beckett. It's a place where she will wait for wounds to heal and consider her relationship with a mystery writer named Rick Castle.
Photos: Tim Swope. Painting detail: Alex Gross

As they put so much detail and thought in building of the new set, I think we will see it more often than in earlier seasons. What do you think? And let me know if you like it what they did to the place or not.
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