Captain Gates: Do we like her or not?

After last weeks episode of StanaTalkRadio I wondered if most of you really were disliking/hating Captain Gates. On the show I didn't hear many positive things about her, so I set up a poll on this blog to find out what you guys thought about Gates.

The results appear quite positive. Fifty-two precent of the eight-one voters like her. Four precent even like her better than former Captain Montgomery. My vote was for: Like her! But mis Montgomery, like the most of you.

But there is still forty-eight percent left. Twenty-three percent, or nineteen voters, are willing to give her a chance to win them over, if she warms up a little or for other reasons.

The last twenty-five percent of the voters dislike or hate the new Captain and aren't willing to give her a chance to win them over.

I think that I can conclude that many of mis the old Captain, but are willing to give Gates as chance or like her already. For me that was unexpected, but I like the results.

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