Castle Fans Are Geeking Out By Book Signing

Last night Nathan Fillion did a signing at Golden Apple Comics. One of our followers, Coco, was there and took some pics and even posted a video of her geeking out when she gets her book signed.

Here you can find the pictures from Coco:

Coco's comments: My pictures from last night at the Deadly Storm signing at Golden Apple Comics.

Check here the video of Coco geeking out:

And the transcript of the conversation by Coco:
My mom recorded my first interaction with Nathan Fillion!!! Our conversation went something like this…
Nathan: Hi!
Me: Hi! *squeal*
Me: *more squealing and giggling*
Nathan: (I honestly don’t know what he said…. I don’t remember, I was so starstruck!)
Me: OMG I love Castle! I’m actually a little upset I’m missing it right now! (Can’t believe I said that…)
Nathan: You have excellent taste. (And then he shook my hand!!!)

And the results of the signing:

Text by Coco: My autographs from Nathan Fillion!!! Gonna keep these forever and ever XD

Thank you Coco, also known as @CaskettShipper, for let us use your material of last night.
Don't forget to check out her Tumblr too at:
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  1. OMG! He signed the February from the Castle Calendar?! :D