Will Castle's Halloween Episode Include a Ghostbusters Cameo?


Castle believes a ghost is behind the murder in Season 4, Episode 6.
Bad news: Castle’s highly anticipated Ghostbusters-themed episode willnot include a celebrity cameo. Damn you, Dan Aykroyd!)

But creator Andrew Marlowe says Season 4, Episode: “Demons” will give Castle and Beckett — who’ll spend the entire hour locked in a haunted house together — the chance to explore their differing views on the supernatural.

“It’s basically about the death of a ghost hunter from one of those cable shows,” Marlowe says. “What happens when one of them goes into an abandoned house and all of a sudden the cameras go blank and the person is murdered? It doesn’t seem like they could have been killed by a human being.” Creepy!

Not so shockingly, level-headed Beckett is skeptical about the whole supernatural bit. As for Rick? Well, Marlowe says he might not actually believe in ghosts, but he’s “certainly having fun with it all.” But of course!

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