Interview with Stana Katic: Kill Shot will change everything

Question: When is the only time that one ever wants to hear that a deranged sniper who is seemingly picking off innocent people at random is on the loose on the streets of New York City?
Answer: When said aforementioned crazed killer not only plays a pivotal role in the increasingly complicated love life of one Kate Beckett, but affords this TV Addict with the unique opportunity to chat one-on-one with her portrayer Stana Katic. Indeed, just to give you an indication as to just how pivotal tonight’s episode of CASTLE is, Ms. Katic took some time from chasing down bad guys to tease just what effect tonight’s episode, appropriately titled “Kill Shot,” may-or-may-not have on one Detective Beckett, who continues to struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder following May’s shocking shooting. See for yourself, after the jump.

1. Now that you’re practically halfway through CASTLE’s fourth season did you ever imagine Beckett’s near death experience during Last May’s season finale would play such an integral role throughout it?

Stana Katic: No. None. It’s nice to be able to play that character through-line and I was excited to see that they would keep some of the themes running through the season. But of course you know all of the writing and the trajectory of the characters is due to [CASTLE creator] Andrew Marlowe and his team of writers.

2. Tonight’s episode sees Kate going to a really dark place. Do you enjoy these trips to the dark side, or do you prefer CASTLE’s less serious episodes?

Stana Katic: I like them both. I like playing the romantic comedy which I think is the main thrust of the show but I also like delving into the reality of the characters because sometimes people are going through things and I like exploring that. I think what I would color this episode and this season is that it’s a richer season for the characters. We’re not as case heavy as we as character heavy and I think that’s what bring people to the show. The characters are all so interesting and spectacular in their own right.

3. Do you think it’s too much of a stretch to characterize tonight’s episode of a “Game Changer” for Beckett?

Stana Katic: It’s a huge breakthrough and in speaking with Andrew [Marlowe] I think we’ll definitely see is continue on in other episodes. I can’t say specifically as to what episodes you’ll see those developments manifest but for a character to grow in the way Kate has in a series of four seasons it’s beautiful. It’s wonderful to be a part of that progression and to be able to play that kind of self realization.

4. What type of affect, if any, do you think tonight’s episode will play into the future of Castle and Beckett as a couple?

Stana Katic: This is the thing, this episode is so extraordinary because Kate is forced to face her deepest fear at that point. She almost died over the summer and to almost lose your life means that you have to face how you’ve been living it and she’s realizing that she hasn’t been living it and hasn’t been enjoying all the gifts that life could bring. One of them being a relationship with this guy that she’s crazy about because she’s decided to defined herself by the murder of her mother. And I think what goes down in this episode will force Kate to re-examine how she is living her life.

5. Any chance you can tease how Beckett’s breakthrough of sorts may-or-may-not play into “Cuffed,” an upcoming episode that has the fandom all-a-twitter surrounding the idea of Castle and Beckett cuffed together for an entire episode!

Stana Katic: Are you asking if they’re going to have sex? [Laughs] “Cuffed” is a really fun episode. It’s very sweet, it’s written by Terri Miller who has an adorable pixie-like sensibility and I think people — including Castle and Beckett “Shippers” — will really enjoy it!

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