Scoop about Dial M for Mayor published a scoop for episode 12 of Castle

Have you heard anything else about that Castle case involving the dirty politician? — Philip
ADAM: Think Spitzer. The politician in question is the mayor and he finds himself implicated in the murder of a woman who had just met with an agent to discuss an explosive book deal. The likely topic of the book: the mayor's penchant for employing a service known as "Dial-a-Goddess." (Wonder what Castle will think of his buddy when this comes out?)

We already knew this from earlier scoops on October 25: 
On was a scoop released about episode 12 of Castle.

Read it here:

Got any good Castle spoilers? — Melissa 
ADAM: Sounds like Beckett and Castle are going to have to tread lightly on an upcoming case. It concerns a politician who, despite being well-loved among his constituents, finds himself mixed up in a crime. Given what we know about Capt. Gates' desire to move up the ranks, we bet she'll be paying closer attention than ever to this case.
It looks like this politician will be the new recurring character, the following article is talking about.

We have a new recurring character on the block; Robert Wheldon, who is an African-American handsome politician.
He's involved in a crime, suggesting a case for the team that spans over a few weeks.

Source: SpoilerTV

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