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Hope you are healing up nicely! I too have been a victim of my own clumsiness, and know that it is no fun. So I hope you get well soon! :) Anyway, it’s official; I am a Castle junkie! How am I to get through two whole weeks without a new episode?! Especially since the next episode, “Kill Shot,” looks incredible! Any hope that Beckett will let Castle comfort her? That may get me through until the 21st. Thanks! — Alyssa Manwill (huge Castle fan from Oregon)
Thank you, Alyssa! I’m healing well from my troubling tumble. (To be fair, it was worth it because I made it home in time for Supernatural. But I will never again run in heels to do so. DVR will always have my back.) Oh, right. You had a question. While I can’t tell you too much, I can say that Stana Katic has a lot to be proud of in this episode, and Beckett and Castle have always been, if anything, emotionally supportive of one another. I gather we won’t be disappointed.

Hi Sandra. First time submitter but long time follower of the Spoiler Room, it keeps me tide over between episodes. Anyhoo, my spoiler request is in regards to Castle; given the number of scars I have, I’m a firm believer of “Scars are like tattoos, but with better stories,” but Beckett got shot…in the chest…and then had said chest sliced open to fix the damage, so fans all know she’s hiding a doozy of a scar. Given the discomfort Beckett most likely feel having a second party see her scar, or the feelings of guilt it’s going to bring up for Castle were he to see it, is Marlowe & Co going to either a) Further address the issue of Beckett’s scar (beyond what was dropped in 04×04), or b) actually give Castle a glimpse of it? I mean just imagining possibilities with that potential moment would be enough for it to jump on your Top 5 Favorite Casket Moments, Sandra! Cheers. – Evelyn
Next week’s episode, “Kill Shot,” which finds Beckett going through a lot of emotional turmoil (as you could have guessed from the preview) would be the perfect time to address the scar, right? Well, the good news is, if it doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor for some reason, I believe you will see it next week.

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