Susan Sullivan's advice to Beckett and more in an interview

In an interview on Wetpaint, Susan Sullivan talks about Castle's father, a girls night and her advice to Beckett. Read the entire interview here:


We’re used to seeing Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) in all sorts of crazy danger on the ABC hit.
But on tonight’s episode of Castle Rick’s mom, Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan), finally gets into the action when mother and son are taken hostage during a bank robbery.
Since we couldn’t wait till airtime to get all the details on “Cops & Robbers,” we caught up with Susan herself to hear more.
In Part 1 of our exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Susan tells us about the horrific event that happened to her while filming the episode, who she wants to see play Castle’s dad, and what she would tell Beckett if they ever had a heart-to-heart!
Wetpaint EntertainmentWhat was it like filming “Cops & Robbers”?
Susan Sullivan: Well, you know, as an actor there are three things that you want to avoid: courtroom scenes, weddings, and being a hostage in a bank.
Being a hostage in a bank is not easy. It’s on the floor in uncomfortable positions, constantly being nervous and scared and tense, so on that level it was difficult.
But on another level it was really fun because I don’t usually get to work with all these new actors. All of these really wonderful actors came in and it’s really, I think, a good episode. It was like a whole new family for a week.

What's the scariest scene you’ve had to do on Castle?
There’s a scary scene because it’s an emotional scene and you don’t know if you’ll get to the right place, to the emotional moment, and be able to make it work. In which case that would be around Chet’s death. Those scenes are scary for actors just because you don’t know whether you’re going to make them work or not.
But scary-scary? This episode “Cops & Robbers” has got some scary stuff in it. And believe me, you get scared when you total your car. You get afraid to step out of your door. That was real life, but they tend to cross over occasionally.
But you’re OK?
Yeah. I’m a little battered. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a bad car accident, but if you’re not dead then your body has taken some shock to it.So it just kind of takes a while to get it back.
But I went back to work the next day so obviously I was able to function. And I’m still functioning, I don’t care what anyone says. I had to get right back into because I didn’t want to be afraid to drive.
Who would you like to see play Castle's father?      
This is a tricky question. I thought of course of my old [Falcon Crest] husbands Bob Foxworth and David Selby and actors that I’ve worked with.
But, actually, what’s sort of fun as you move down the road is to find new actors that you haven’t worked with and you don’t know.
So I’m sort of up for suggestions. I would love to know what the fans think. So I’m going to throw it back in their court.
Do you think Martha should have a new love interest?
Well, somebody hit on her at the bank. I don’t think that will be her love interest, but yes she’s due for something.
It’s very tricky being in the B storyline as it were, because the B storyline always has to have something to do with the A storyline and just be a little sort of mirror or comment, and I think it’s a difficult thing for the writers to come up with.
In other words, they can’t just create something out of the blue, it has to connect to the A story, which is the mystery.
When are we going to see a girls night with Martha, Alexis (Molly Quinn), Beckett and Lanie (Tamala Jones)?
Oh that would be fun. Actually, these things should be brought to the writers. Tell the tweeters out there that they have really good ideas.I think that would be great.
We did once play poker in Season 2, with Beckett and Seamus [Dever, who plays Kevin Ryan] and Jon [Huertas, who plays Javier Esposito] that was nice. They should do that again.
And they once had a party where we were all together, but they’ve never done just a girls’ night. I’m going to pitch all these things.
We would LOVE to see a heart to heart between Martha and Kate. What would you say to Kate if Castle was your son?
Well, he is. [Laughs] I feel as if he is in my own world, too. I’m always giving him advice — unsolicited, I might add. I feel the same way, that that’s the scene that I would like to see.
I think that what the writers would have her say is, “Follow your heart. Be connected to your own spirit.” That kind of thing, which is certainly what I believe in.
I don’t think you can rush things. I think people need to go on their road in the time that it takes them. You try to push yourself into where you think should be, in quotes, and it’s always a mistake.
Now, of course, there’s the aspect of the show and needing to keep this going, the tension between the two of them, but I think they’re doing a really good job with it myself.

Source: Wetpaint
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