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Truth and Lies (Preview)

Chapter 1

I grabbed all of his clothes in a rage, searching for something to prove that he was cheating on me. We’d been married for almost eight years now, but our relationship had slowly fallen apart. At first, it was like a dream; we had a little girl called April and a son named Finn. Well….Until our daughter died.
I blame myself for it, as does my husband; and the truth is it was my fault. I was the one drove who the car; I was the one who was drunk, and yet I still drove with my daughter in the back seat. I remember that night; I was so drunk I couldn’t see straight, yet I still drove. I had a couple of drinks with Lanie, then I picked up April from a friend’s place. She asked me if I had been drinking, I said only a glass and I was completely capable of driving. If only I told the truth, she would be alive; if only I never lied about it.
“What are you doing, Kate?” I quickly turned around, it was my husband Richard “Rick” Castle; he was leaning against the door that separated our bedroom from the walk - in wardrobe.

“I…I… was just,” I searched around the room; I needed a prop to use in my lie. Then I spotted my car keys next to our wedding photo. “I was looking for my car keys,” I quickly snatched them from the table top; looking at the photo right next to it made me think of that day.

The day I married my partner, my soul mate and my best friend. I was wearing my mom’s wedding dress which was handed down to me on my 18th birthday; if only my mom was there to see me wearing it. It was an elegant white dress, full of vibrantly – coloured designs from top to bottom; the sleeves ran from my shoulders to my elbow. It was a 70’s wedding dress, but I couldn’t have cared less because it was my mom’s, and it was beautiful. My dad walked me down aisle, and my eldest daughter, Estelle, was my maid of honour. My best friend Lanie, and Rick’s daughter Alexis, were the bridesmaids. It was the best day of my life, but now the worst was coming.

                                                                 sneak peek

Little sneak peek from Truth and Lies
“Taxi, stop here please!! I’m sorry everyone I just can’t do this!!” Lanie yelled, I didn’t know what got into her. As soon as the Taxi stopped, Lanie stormed off. Esposito didn’t follow her, no one did. The Taxi continued.
“What’s wrong with Lanie? Javi why didn’t you follow her?” Asked Ryan, he was right why didn’t Esposito follow her?
“Lanie just being dramatic as always,” Esposito explained. “Kate you we’re the last one to talk to her, what did you tell her?”
“I told her nothing, she just asked me something…”
“Nothing important!! Taxi could please turn around where you dropped of my friend.” The taxi turned around and we we’re searching for Lanie. I wanted to know what was wrong.
“There she is, stop.” Castle yelled, Ryan payed taxi and we all hopped off.
“Lanie wait, what’s wrong?” I yelled she turned around, she was crying, I’ve never seen her so sad. “Lanie stop please we need to know what’s wrong.”
“You wanna know what’s wrong, Kate. Simple you slept with my husband!!”
“What is she talking about?” Castle asked, oh god, she must have figured out she must overheard or something.
“Rick, your wife and my husband we’re banging each other! You want to know the worst part, that baby isn’t yours it his!” She yelled again, I wanted to shut her up, but I couldn’t because it was true. “Lanie shut up. You’re lying. Kate and I haven’t slept together, we would never.”
“I’m lying? Explain to me when you two were talking back at the CafĂ© about your plans!!” She heard everything Esposito said to me, that’s why she was asking me questions. She overheard my conversation with Esposito.
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