Castle is nominated for 6 STV Best of 2011 TV Awards

SpoilerTV reveals here that Castle is nominated for 6 STV Best of 2011 TV Awards!!! Together with Fringe and Supernatural they are favorite to bring home a bunch of awards

Hey Guys,

Over HERE you have voted in your thousands for the shows which you wanted to see in the STV Best of 2011 TV Awards, and I have spent this morning trawling through them and have compiled the top 5 of each category to be entered into the competition which will begin next Monday.

Worthy of note is the vast array of shows competing, after several show missed out on key awards due to disagreement within the community over who, which or what to vote for! It should be an exciting competition!

Also worthy of note that in four of the categories, there are six nominations as they 5th and 6th placed nominations were identical!

I'm not revealing which categories each show has an entry in just yet, but for now you can see exactly how many awards each show is fighting for! There are 17 awards up for grabs, with shows able to compete for 16 of those. (The other award goes to the favourite TV network)

So without further ado, these are the shows you have placed into the competition, as well as the amount of awards they are competing for:

Castle 6
Fringe 6
Supernatural 6
Breaking Bad 5
Game Of Thrones 4
The Walking Dead 4
Bones 3
Homeland 3
New Girl 3
Doctor Who 2
House MD 2
Once Upon A Time 2
Person Of Interest 2
The Big Bang Theory 2
The Vampire Diaries 2
24 1
Alcatraz 1
American Horror Story 1
Awake 1
Body Of Proof 1
Chuck 1
Community 1
Cougar Town 1
Criminal Minds 1
Dancing With The Stars 1
Dexter 1
Glee 1
Grey's Anatomy 1
How I Met Your Mother 1
Lie To Me 1
Mad Men 1
Masterchef USA 1
Modern Family 1
Private Practice 1
Psych 1
Ringer 1
Royal Pains 1
Smash 1
The Amazing Race 1
The Finder 1
The Mentalist 1
The Voice 1
The X Factor USA 1
Touch 1
True Blood 1

Any questions, queries, freakouts or any other form of issues you can email me at

Twitter: @AdDHarris

Hope everyone enjoys a fantastic beginning to December... Don't forget to comment below with your expectations for the competition... 


Source: SpoilerTV

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