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The Hollywood Reporter talked to Stana Katic concerning the upcoming Film Noir episode, a Kim Kardashian-esque character, Castle and Marriage, and the status of the Castle/Beckett relationship.

"The Hollywood Reporter: There's a big episode for Castle and Beckett in the film noir hour (airing Feb. 6). Where does that finds the partners?

Stana Katic: The film noir episode, "The Blue Butterfly," is an episode that Terence Winter wrote for the show. The storyline circles around the gang finding a journal, an old P.I.'s journal from the 1940s. In reading the journal, Castle starts daydreaming that some of the characters are people in this man's journal. We all take on these '40s stereotypes. Castle becomes the P.I., Beckett becomes the gangster's moll, the boys are thugs who work for the gangster. Susan Sullivan is the P.I.'s secretary. Tamala Jones plays a torched singer and they actually used her voice for the singing pieces. It's a fun story because it flashes back to the journal and then it comes back to present day.

THR: There is a big kiss in that episode. How does that come about?

Katic: Like I said, the best version of the Castle and Beckett story comes to life in that episode. The gangster's moll falls in love with the P.I., Castle's character, and we have to find a way to escape from the gangster, who's a really bad guy played by Mark Pellegrino. Of course, people who fall in love do things that people who fall in love do. [Laughs] We'll see those two enjoying each other in a way that Castle and Beckett haven't figured out yet.

THR: Last week's episode revolved heavily around Ryan getting married. Is that in in the cards for Castle and Beckett in the distant future?

Katic: You know what I realized in watching that episode? Castle has been burned by the last two marriages and I don't know how eager he'd be to get married right away. I think we're going to have to work through that on-screen and see where he stands and why they didn't work. What part did he have to play and what part did the women have to play in it, make sure that the road's clear. As imaginative as Castle is, I wonder if sometimes Beckett isn't a little more romantic and really believes in the idea of finding the love of your life and going all the way with that one person. I wonder if Castle has gotten jaded.

THR: An upcoming episode centers on a Kim Kardashian-type. Where does that take the gang?

Katic: There's this character that's based on a lot of the reality shows that are on right now and she is at the center of our research. There's a romantic twist to her character in the end. One of our own falls for her.

THR: Is there something that you recently shot that stands out?

Katic: The film noir episode is special because we get to explore New York outside of present day and that type of stylized filmmaking. It's filmed by executive producer Rob Bowman's father, Chuck Bowman.

THR: Are you aware of any future "theme" episodes the writers may be planning?

Katic: I'm riding it as you guys are. Every new script is a surprise for me. I haven't had enough time to super-sleuth the writers' building just yet. But I will get on that, I promise. [Laughs]

THR: What is the status of the Castle and Beckett relationship?

Katic: I think we made some strides over the past few months. The PTSD episode was extraordinary because she walked through an experience that would be tough for anyone in any kind of job, let alone for a person who's supposed to be taking care of a community and a city. In the end, there's a great progression because she realizes that maybe she's weighing her future down. She's working on it behind the scenes. I'm sure we'll see other episodes with the psychiatrist, that seems to be a good place for her to open up on-screen. She's in a great place, just about ready to dive into a relationship with Castle. The next stage will be to figure out if Castle is really ready to get into a relationship."

This 40's Film Noir episode is looking more and more epic! I can't wait to see what impact it may have on the relationship of our favorite duo.

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
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