Interview: Seamus Dever teases about 'The Blue Butterfly'

Castle-actor Seamus Dever, Detective Ryan, Teased about the upcoming episode The Blue Butterfly in an interview with Wetpaint. Read the whole interview here:

Ryan and Esposito in Season 4, Episode 14: “The Blue Butterfly”

The film noir episode that Castle fans have been waiting for is finally here on February 6, and Wetpaint Entertainment has some exclusive details about “The Blue Butterfly.”

“I didn't think we'd get to this episode until the eighth season because it's such a departure from what normally happens in the show,” says Seamus Dever, who plays detective Kevin Ryan.

When Rick Castle discovers a journal of a private investigator back in the '40s, which is connected to the murder that the team is trying to solve in present time, we get to see past events through his eyes.

“He imagines these flashbacks to 1947, and we're all dressed up in '40s costumes, in this beautiful Copacabana type club,” says Seamus.

“Tamala Jones gets to play a torch singer, and she's really singing in it. I get to play an Irish mobster, and Esposito plays a Cuban mobster. I got to do an Irish accent! So we get to play thugs. It's the opposite of our characters and it was kick ass fun!”

But it’s not just the visuals — and the kiss between Castle and Beckett’s alter egos — that’s worth tuning in for.
Beckett, Dempsey, Esposito, and Ryan in Season 4, Episode 14: “The Blue Butterfly”

“I think fans are going to be really surprised at the episode because it's actually a pretty good mystery along with all the flashbacks,” says Seamus. “It's nice how they wove that in there seamlessly.”

Seamus, who’s familiar with period costumes from Mad Men and Hollywoodland, says the wardrobe put together by Castle costume designer Luke Reichle is spectacular.

“Whenever you wear these old clothes, they're really from that time period,” he says. “They're all from these storage houses that have been around for 70, 80 years. They’re yellow on the inside because time has just aged the hell out of these old, wool clothes, so you're like, ‘Oh my God, how many people have worn this in five, six decades?’"

"But it's authentic. Like, people really wore their pants up this high, and they wore their suspenders this tight. And they really wore ties like this. So yeah, it was fun. And everyone looked great.”

And the noir episode is just a build up for the two-parter coming up during sweeps, which promises to be explosive!

“It's going to be big,” says Seamus. “It has a great cliffhanger, and it causes Castle and Beckett to think about their relationships and their peril. I think the audience isn't going to be disappointed by that at all!”
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