Interview: Tamala Jones about 'Once Upon A Crime'

The actress who plays Lanie parish in Castle had an interview about tonights episode with Wetpaint. Read the complete interview here:

Castle Star Tamala Jones Dishes on Tonight's "Twisted" Fairy Tale Episode and the "Jaw-Dropping" Season Finale - Exclusive!

Tamala Jones at the 6th Annual Primary Wave Music Pre-Grammy Party on February 11, 2012

After a season of big episodes, Castlefollows the ambitious run tonight February 27, 2012, with Season 4, Episode 17, “Once Upon a Crime," where a serial killer recreates fairy tales for the New York police to find.

Wetpaint Entertainment talked to Castle’s brilliant medical examiner, Tamala Jones, about the boldest killer Lanie Parish and gang have met so far, what we can expect from the remaining episodes, and the jaw-dropping cliffhanger that awaits at the end of Season 4.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You guys have had quite a season! What is coming up on tonight's episode?

Tamala Jones: Oh, my God. We have such a wonderful episode coming up. We have a murderer that is basically Charlie Manson, and Beckett and Castle are trying to hunt him down before he makes his next kill.

But the crazy part about this murderer is that he is recreating fairy tales. As he’s killing the women, he’s dressing them up. I think we have a Snow White and a Little Red Riding Hood. And the murder scene, the way he sets it up is crazy. Little Red Riding Hood has the Big Bad Wolf after he—  I’m just going to leave the mystery there.

It’s crazy the way it’s set up. If you thought that Pandora and Linchpin had you twisted, this one’s even more twisted.

Your art department and costume department must have had a blast.

We all did! You know Nathan loves the fairy tale situation, so he really enjoyed himself. He was bringing up old folklore tales and how Little Red Riding Hood came about. Nathan is the best.
Castle and Beckett in Season 4, Episode 14: “The Blue Butterfly”

This season I feel like there have been a lot of really big episodes.

Yeah. We do, of course, have the season finale. And I think that the episodes leading up to the season finale are going to have you waiting and waiting and waiting to see, “What is this going to be like?”

It’s all going to add up to this big boom. That’s all I can say, like, “Boom. In your face. Yes, we did it again. We got you, and we’re going to have you hanging on to the next season.”

What Andrew [Marlowe] and the guys in the writers’ room have been doing has been magical.

Is it more of an emotional boom, or are we talking literal boom?

It’s going to be an emotional one and a literal one. It is powerful. I don’t know how they come up with the stuff they do, but these guys are geniuses in the writers’ room. I can tell you, if you thought last season’s ending was crazy, wait until you get a load of this one.

Is it a cliffhanger?

It’s a cliffhanger. It’s a jaw-dropper.

What are we going to see leading up to the finale?

Well, right now, they’re giving you crazy episodes like this one. I think we have one more mystery one, and then they start on a series all the way up until the last episode.

How much does it all have to do with Beckett’s mom’s murder? Is that part of it?

Yes. But it’s a lot more mayhem coming your way. Inside of the murder mysteries and the craziness, there’s more action this season, and leading into the end of the season. A lot more.

For more on Lanie and Esposito, Castle and Becket, and kissing Nathan Fillion, stay tuned for more from Tamala Jones!
In the meantime, head over to ABC's official site for more info aboutCastle.
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