'Castle' Cast and Producers Share Stories and Spoilers at Paley Fest 2012

Did you miss Castle's cast on the Paley Fest 2012 last night? This amazing article might help until videos of what happened appear online. Enjoy!

'Castle' Cast and Producers Share Stories and Spoilers at Paley Fest 2012

There aren't many police procedurals that inspire fanatic devotion like Castle. And that's probably a major reason why the 2012 Paley Fest -- a panel series celebrating some of the biggest and most beloved shows on television -- included Castle in its lineup. Keep reading for all of the highlights -- and spoilers -- from the Castle panel.

First of all, a word of warning. One of the dependable highlights of Paley Fest panels is the inclusion of spoilers. In this article, all Castle spoilers will be bolded. Proceed at your own risk.

The Castle panel included:

  • Nathan Fillion (Castle)
  • Stana Katic (Beckett)
  • Andrew W. Marlowe (creator and executive producer)
  • Penny Johnson Jerald (Gates)
  • Tamala Jones (Lanie)
  • Jon Huertas (Esposito)
  • Seamus Dever (Ryan)
  • Molly Quinn (Alexis)
  • Susan Sullivan (Martha)

Here are some highlights from the panel -- remember Castle spoilers are in bold:
  • Alas, Castle and Beckett will not give us a dance in the upcoming "A Dance of Death" episode.
  • The March 19 episode ("A Dance with Death") may be the "last normal Castle episode before the storm hits..." -- Andrew Marlowe
  • Don't hold your breath if you want Castle and Beckett to get together quickly. Andrew Marlowe reasserted that he's not in a hurry.
  • Nathan Fillion referred to the long-term plan from the writers/producers as "deft."
  • "Moonlighting" is a dirty word when talking to people.
  • Andrew Marlowe knows when Castle and Beckett will get together. But he's not telling.
  • "I'm not somebody who believes that you wait until the end of the series." Andrew Marlowe on when Castle and Beckett will give in.
  • Baby talk is jokingly forecast for either season 7 or 10.
  • "Alexis as the new Veronica Mars in college..." = fake spinoffs for Alexis.
  • There are no decisions yet about Alexis' college plans.
  • "The Blue Butterfly" film-noir episode was planned as a big deal to go up against the premiere of Smash.
  • The cast did a dramatic reading of a condensed version of "The Blue Butterfly."

  • This allowed Nathan Fillion to do an incredible Cary Grant impression.
  • Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic acted out the almost-kiss from the episode.
  • Overacting is very funny when performed by the Castle cast.
  • "Awesome" = the opinions of both Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas on getting to beat up Nathan Fillion

  • Reenacted fight scenes are also funny when performed by the Castle cast.
  • Frozen Heat is the next Richard Castle book. The cover is sort of James Bond-meets-The Snow Queen.

  • Derek Storm novels, starting with A Brewing Storm, being released this summer. "A beer-maker is murdered!" was Nathan Fillion's explanation of the plot.
  • On being cuffed together for an entire episode: "It was salacious." -- Stana Katic
  • Tigers are on Nathan Fillion's list of things he doesn't want to kill him.
  • "It's eating my face. My beautiful, beautiful face." -- Nathan Fillion's last words if getting eaten by a tiger.

  • Tamala Jones and Penny Johnson Jerald want Lanie to be Captain Gates' baby sister. (Probably not going to happen.)
  • "I love kissing you, I do. But Nathan... It was something new, you know. I mean, your breath is fresh... It was like satin or something. And your breath -- your breath was extra fresh!" -- Tamala Jones on her "Blue Butterfly"
  • "When I first came to LA, I studied kissing with Chuck Bowman [the "Blue Butterfly" director]." -- Nathan Fillion
  • "How dare you?!" -- Susan Sullivan's response to the implication that Martha might not have been a good actress.
  • Martha's red hair is a wig.
  • "I thought that we should find out that Castle's father is actually Martha." -- Susan Sullivan's pitch for the big reveal.
  • How do you find out if your father is in the CIA? That will be explored later in Castle.
  • "I think Beckett likes the color purple... and strawberry shakes." -- Stana Katic
  • "And Ryan likes shamrock shakes!" -- Nathan Fillion

  • The characters will all be dealing with the emotional consequences of their secrets before the end of the season.
  • The Beckett's mother-murder plot will return before the end of the season.
  • "Yeah, I got a good feeling that was a smart move." -- Nathan Fillion on Adam Baldwin's guest-starring part.
  • Adam Baldwin's character is Detective Slaughter: "And that kind of says it all!" -- Nathan Fillion
  • "I think it's safe to say parts of his face will be rearranged." -- Nathan Fillion on what will happen when tailing Slaughter
  • Jon Huertas and Molly Quinn would like to be cryogenically frozen.
  • Nathan Fillion would like Castle to bungee jump. Because he wouldn't do it in real life.
  • They're talking about a possible premiere for the Heat Wave movie. But it's expensive.
  • One of Stana Katic's favorite moments on Castle is from the upcoming episode, "The Limey."
  • "Jon is really good at sneaking up on people, presumably to kill them." -- Seamus Dever on Jon Huertas
  • "I made a tiny poop in my Castle pants." -- Nathan Fillion (context doesn't help)
  • Seamus Dever says Jon Huertas is better at "Just Dance" than he is.
  • "Castle is, right now, very into ninja assassins." -- Nathan Fillion
  • "You don't buy a car until you've done a lot of research on it... I like to test-drive my cars a lot." -- Jon Huertas on when Esposito might propose to Lanie
  • "I want my boy to move along. I want a little action!" -- Susan Sullivan on Martha's opinion about the Castle-Beckett relationship
  • "Out of the house." -- Molly Quinn on Alexis' opinion

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