Andrew Marlowe on the Season Finale

Here are some snippets from an interview of Andrew Marlowe by Give Me My Remote. You can read the full interview here: Andrew Marlowe Teases the Finale: Full Article

"It’s reported that the season finale, as of now, it’s being called “Always.” Is that the 100% confirmed title?
Andrew Marlowe: It’s my title for it. The studio and network haven’t told me to change it yet!

Will Castle’s secret for sure be out before the year ends?
AM: Yeah. Yeah. We have a case that is going to steer us back into — a case seems to touch on Beckett’s mother’s murder. And so it’s going to force him to confront all of those issues.

Will we be discovering who shot Beckett?
AM: It’s quite possible. The case we deal with in the finale takes us back into Beckett’s shooting and her mother’s case and in an indirect way it turns everything on its head a little bit and is the catalyst that forces Castle and Beckett to really confront all the issues between them.

In past years, the pattern has been that the season has ended with Castle and Beckett not on the best terms and splitting up — or in the case of last year, it was revealed they split up shortly after we last saw them. Will that be repeating itself this year, or are you going to change things up?
AM: I’m not clear on what you’re asking me. [Laughs] No, I know what you’re asking me. [Laughs again, before taking a long pause] Let me say this — in past years, there have been some near-misses and misunderstandings that have ended the season. And this is the season where we put our cards on the table. But I’m not going to give you an indication as to which way the chips fall. But we do deal with things directly.

That’s good to hear. Aside from the last couple episodes, there really hasn’t been as much time paid to the secrets the two are keeping from each other (aside from the occasional winks to the audience). Do you ever wish you had touched upon it more early on, or are you happy that you guys got to tackle it full-steam heading towards the season finale?
AM: You know, it was never our intent to make the show overly serialized. We want the show to be friendly and if people are coming to revisit the show, they can visit their favorite show without the weight of all the relationship stuff. So we did have plans to touch on it in a few key episodes along the way, and we’ve gone according to plan, for better or for worse. Our audience members have different opinions about that. Some people think we’ve handled it well, some people get frustrated, some people have wanted more overt declarations. We get that. We get that we’re not going to make everybody happy. But we’ve been doing what we think is right for these characters, what is appropriate for these characters.
Beckett is somebody who has never worn her heart on her sleeve and we’ve known that she’s been working on some of these issues behind-the-scenes. We know that she’s been seeing her therapist, we know that she’s been making progress, and those are some issues that we’ve dealt with and we will continue to deal with leading up to the finale.
And we know the weight that’s been on Castle’s shoulders the whole time. We know how he feels about her. So he’s been in this bizarre Catch-22, where she said to him that she’s not going to be ready until she’s able to solve some of these issues. So we felt if we had touched upon it [more], we would have gotten into a situation where we were just repeating the same beats. And that the real way to deal with it was when it was the appropriate time, to bring it to the forefront, watch the fireworks and see what happens."
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