The Limey: Will Rick's 'Weird' Behavior Provoke a Confrontation from Kate?

'Castle fans should be prepared to thank “The Limey” – and Lanie – for giving Beckett the kick in the well-tailored slacks she needs in tonight’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), possibly nudging the lady cop into ‘fessing her feelings for the newly disenfranchised Rick.

Whereas past Castle episodes injecting a preternaturally attractive interloper have served to rouse jealousy on one side or the other of this Will They/Won’t They couple, here the presence of a handsome Scotland Yard detective (played by Neighbours‘ Brett Tucker) — and how he doesn’t ruffle Rick’s feathers — convinces Kate something is amiss.

“We handle [this third party] significantly differently,” series creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells TVLine. “It’s not designed to be a love triangle, as we’ve seen in some of the other episodes. Instead, he comes in as an outside influence, and forces Beckett to come to terms with some of Castle’s behavior.”

Namely, how the usually irkable author doesn’t launch into protective mode. “Whereas normally Castle would be jealous and competitive, [this time] he’s not – and that weirds Beckett out,” says Marlowe.

Especially since Kate is already curious about her partner in crimesolving’s demeanor coming out of last week’s episode, in which – unbeknownst to her – he learned that she does in fact recall everything about her shooting, including his profession of love.

Marlowe maintains that despite the few clues afforded her last week, Beckett has not pieced together Castle’s discovery. Instead, “At the beginning of this episode she’s trying to figure out why the change in his behavior.” To that end, she has a(n overdue!) conversation with gal pal Lanie, “Who’s like, ‘This guy cares about you and you keep him at arm’s length,’” Marlowe previews. “It really forces Beckett to confront what she wants and whether she needs to declare her [own feelings].”

As one might surmise, “The Limey” portends to be an important episode, “a stepping stone along the way to the finale,” says Marlowe. And how is the show boss characterizing the Season 4 capper (airing May 7)?

“It’s a very emotional finale, one where we put a lot of our cards on the table,” he promises. “Our characters have been talking around stuff and not dealing with some things for quite a while, and this is a finale in which circumstances really force them to confront it directly.”

Hmm, sounds to us like “Caskett” fans might finally get at least a portion of what they’ve been waiting for….? Marlowe declined to take that bait, only teasing: “We’ll see!”'

From TV Line
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