FFo3W Welcome to AngstFest summer 2012

And the AngstFest summer 2012 is in full speed!..let's not ask who started it, but most of our dear authors have jumped in the angst wagon this summer to "help" us cope with the long hiatus. So if you do not like reading angst, STOP RIGHT HERE!
Herefore, I state that neither me nor the blog are to be blamed or billed for any emotional breakdown, therapy expenses or prolongued depression...YOU WERE THOROUGHLY WARNED!!!

First, we have a trio from  international08 ,

*Start with "Sweetheart"....and you can regret it later!  lol  just read it....with tissues at hand. The summary reads: His laughter rings through the speaker, makes her heart leap. One shot. Complete.
 *Continue with  "The message" ...angst, continued!  The summary reads: All he knows is that he has to talk to her. He has to talk to her before they find him. For ER, who begged me. A companion to Sweetheart. Complete.
*And finish your emotional harakiri with "The call" ...Now, Im not saying the angst ends here, because our rebelious "Queen of fluff" has decided to write a not-so-fluffy fate for her beloved character "Minnie"....so, be prepared guys!!!  tell her what you think about it (don´t tell her i gave you her twitter acct, but it´s  @intl08).
The summary reads: She wakes to the sound of soft babbling, the quiet murmur of her stepdaughter's voice, a gentle shushing. Follows "Sweetheart" and "The Message." Complete

So feel free to flail away with her and review (or as ff.net calls the reviews now, "coment" on her story), just remember to always be respectful guys!

Im not posting chapters on the FFoTW section since all of them are one shots!
Oh, and if you love a story and would like it submitted as our FFotW here, let me know at  @12thPAgentAngie  
Thanks guys, and "enjoy"!!!  (pun intended)  *EVIL SMIRK* 
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