FFoTW for July 20th 2012

Hey!....FFoTW is back!...missed me last week?   I´ll make it up to you...no worries!
This week´s FFoTW winner is the lovely  Muppet47  with a story that will make you laugh from beginning to end!...it´s hilarious!!!  while reading it, i could picture each and every one of the characters doing, sayin, making the faces, the looks, everything they were doing on paper!!!....caution: Ferrets, elevators and supplies closet involved!

Sooooo...once I warned you, here´s the link to the story called  "Waiting Game" , which in the words of her author reads: If this was what really being in love felt like Kate wasn't sure she was going to survive it. Not like this was news, but obviously something was seriously wrong with her. Finalist in the 2012 Castle Fan Awards for FanFic: Best Humor

The  first chapter for the story will be posted in our FFoTW section along for two more recs to make up for last weeks absence of myself and fic rec!!!

Enjoy guys! and don´t forget to review the story!!!!...seriously, even a "great story"...."i enjoyed/disliked/don´t agree/do agree with this/that" makes every author´s day!!!    8)

For the first time in our blog, we have the .mobi version of the two fics that are now complete, ready for you to upload to your kindle and/or kindle app ready iphones!!  yayyyy

"Waiting Game"  mobi format
(Please let us know how this works and if you want us to keep adding this links for you)     @dtrekker      @TwelfhtPrecinct

And again, if you have a rec you would like to submit to us for FFoTW nomination, let me know at @dtrekker or captain at @TwelfthPrecinct (I´m sure he´ll be happy to pass it along, hey boss!??)
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