Set Report And Pictures (Mild Spoilers included)

One of our fellow Castle-fans had the luck to be able to watch the filming of a scene for the first episode of Castle for season 5: After The Storm. On her Tumblr page she posted the following report and pictures of what she saw:
Castle 5x01 filming (mild spoilers)
I went down to one of Castle’s filming locations today (interior) and totally didn’t think I could get in but I did, right up to the production line.
After taking various photos I was asked by a crew member to stop, so I did. I respect the universe. Unfortunately he asked me to stop BEFORE Stana was about 20 feet in front of me, really energetic before 8 a.m., happy, jumping, and chewing gum while talking to some folks. (No Nathan, BTW, not while I was there anyway.)
I only saw one continuous take before I left for work but it was one continuous take featuring Katherine freaking Beckett so I’ll take it.
Spoilers and pictures after the cut…
So here’s what’s up: Filming was at 506 S. Grand (Biltmore Hotel). The setting appears to be a fundraiser for the reelection of Angela Martin’s gay State Senator husband on The Office/HRG on Heroes, Jack Coleman as Senator William H. Bracken. Beckett was unaccompanied, in a hurry, bypassed the regular security line, stopped to talk briefly to a female police officer, and proceeded. Shot ended there.
And that’s pretty much all the plot I have for you. Her stand-in (Lisa?) had a short black jacket on so I was having Always flashbacks and her long dark hair was curled like Beckett’s. Also very pretty. Stana herself was wearing what at a distance appeared to be a knee-length satin dark blue trenchcoat and skinny pants. I realize now that I didn’t look at her shoes but they had be heels or boots with a heel because she was fiercely bouncing through that shot.
A PA (or a 2nd 2nd director, maybe) asked me and a lady next to me who didn’t watch the show if we had questions. And I said something like, “Caaan…youuu…introduce me to Stanaaa, butyoucan’t.”
And yeah, definitely a no, not during production hours anyway. But,
“Do you like working with Stana?”
“I do!”
BIG SCOOP, guys.
So, pics, did happen:
Taxis outside of the hotel entrance Beckett enters through
The lobby with patriotic balloons
Our loyal director Rob Bowman
Stana’s stand-in at the door
More of Stana’s stand-in. Also, more patriotism.
I have a clearer shot of the top of the banner but the composition is so embarrassingly off because it was the last shot I took while afore mentioned crew guy was asking me to stop taking pics. This shows more.
Once again, homeskillet Rob Bowman
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