Twelve Points on the Castle Season Premiere!

Twelve Points from TVLine's Matt Mittovich on the Castle Season Premiere!

"* When Kate asks in this promo, “So, you liked it?” Heh, turns out she’s speaking of something specific.

* Speaking of the promo, two quick cuts that seem to be from the same continuous moment are in fact not.

* This premiere had a very tricky task ahead of it, juggling the afterglow of Rick and Kate’s coupling (and the cutesy/sometimes downright funny moments that come with it) with the ever-looming threat of Cole Maddox. I’d say the show pulled it off well.

* As series creator Andrew Marlowe told me during my set visit, the Vice President of the United States character is actually no biggie/no more than a background player. (And that’s not political commentary!) Jack Coleman, meanwhile, is excellent as a powerful senator. 

* Castle’s deductive/observational skills come in extremely handy as they suss out a big lead on someone’s identity. 

* It may not surprise you to know that parts of the hour are a real showcase for Stana Katic, starting with a scene where a deflated Kate admits, “I don’t know how to do this” and culminating in a nail-biting sequence towards the very end. 

* On or around the 20-minute mark (give or take, with commercials), you will let loose with a loud expletive. 
Though it will be the third time you have done so during the premiere, this one will be for “Holy s—!” reasons. 

* About two thirds of the way in, at the very instant I was thinking to myself, “I don’t think I’ve taken a breath yet” — the action/tension is ratcheted high, folks — Kate cautions someone, “Don’t… even… breathe.” Which I thought was spooky. But I’m easy that way. 

* This picture? It’ll make so much more sense. In 23 more days. 

* An intense scene I saw them shooting while I was on set? Between Kate and [almost-spoiler]? It does not appear to have made the final cut. Huh. 

* Some commenters have been disappointingly catty about what we will call “sheet placement,” as seen in the promo. Well, such snark will be proven moot within the first seconds. [Insert Nelson Muntz laugh] 

* Kate’s bed! 

Enjoy the Castle premiere for yourself on Monday, Sept. 24!"

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