Interview Tamala: Will Esplanie make a return?

In the second interview with Tamala Jones we have for you today, she talks about Esplanie. Will they come back together or not?

Read here what Tamala has to say about it:

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Castle star Tamala Jones, we couldn't help but ask what it's in store in Season 5 for the 12th precinct's hottest on-again-off-again couple, Lanie and Esposito.

Although the pair has yet to kiss and makeup (well, they're technically stillkissing, but that's another story), Tamala thinks the sassy medical examiner will eventually take him back. But when? And what will it take?

Read on to see what Tamala had to say when we picked her brain all things Esplainie!

Wetpaint Entertainment: In Season 4, we found out that Lanie and Esposito are still hooking up, even though they're not technically together. Who's idea was that?

Tamala Jones: I think it's Lanie. I think Lanie is afraid of falling in love and she really does love Esposito, but she's shielding herself. So, no we can't get married, let's just keep it like this where I can see you and I know you're with me, but we don't have any strings attached.

Do you think that's going to be enough for Lanie? Maybe seeing Beckett in a happy relationship will make her realize she wants that too … 

I hope so. The way that Lanie has been written, she's just a tough girl. She's very much about her job and very secretive about her love life. And when the secret got out and everybody knew about her love life, she just backed up.

But I think that she will want that, and I think it will have to happen — and this is just my opinion — when she sees Esposito with someone else. It's just human nature. Seeing him with someone else, you're like, "Wait a minute! That's mine!"
Lanie in Season 4, Episode 3: “Head Case”

Lanie's a lot like Beckett in that they both struggle with letting their guard down in relationships. Would you like to see the show explore where that comes from?

I would love to! I've been speaking to Andrew from day 1. If we ever go back, please let Pam Grierplay my mother. I love Pam Grier! Every role I do, I try to steal something from her and apply it to my character.

So I think Lanie is more the medical version of a Pam Grier character than any character I've ever played. We both are tough. I'd love for her to be my mother, and then you'd see, this woman is young, she's hot, she has an attitude like Lanie, and maybe there was something that went on with the dad. Maybe the dad wasn't around, and the mother wasn't around, and Lanie probably had to fend for herself and became like a little hermit in a sense.

Some fans have a theory that Lanie was married before. Do you think that's a possibility? 

That could be a great possibility! Maybe the husband was cheating and she walked in and she was like, "That's it! I'm done!"

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