Interview with Tamala Jones: "It’s sexy"

Read here the latest interview with Tamala Jones about the new season of Castle:

Tamala Jones Teases Castle's Season 5 Premiere: "It's Mysterious and It's Crazy and It's Sexy!"

Tamala Jones at the 2012 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party on Sept. 21, 2012

Castle's Season 5 premiere is finally upon us, and according to series star Tamala Jones, we're in for one "mysterious," "crazy," and "sexy" ride!

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the actress this weekend at the Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmy party at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood, and she dished all about "After the Storm," as well as what's in store for medical examiner Lanie Parish in Season 5.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What scoop can you give us for the Castle Season 5 premiere?

Tamala Jones: I just want everybody to put their seatbelts on and get ready because this ride is wild and it’s mysterious and it’s crazy and it’s sexy and it’s just an abundance of all of those things. And the mysteries and the crime scenes are a little bit more way out there! You think, you think you know and then you don’t know and then you think you know and you really don’t know. We’re taking you on a ride and it’s exciting.

You have said that Castle and Beckett are ridiculously hot this season. What is the hottest thing you’ve witnessed between the pair so far?

Well, I can just tell just the on-set energy is magnetic, those two. We are all in sync, but those two they are really in sync this season.

Stana shows up and her body is bangin’! I’m like, "Have you been doing lunges?" That butt is sitting up! I had to hit it a little bit. I’m like, "I’m sorry, it was an accident … or no it wasn’t, I just needed to see!" She looks like a supermodel when she steps on set. From the last season until now, I was like, wow, gorgeous. Nathan, you can tell he’s been working out. You can see the pecs — they’re coming in, honey and he’s all leaned out. It’s so sexy down there! It is like a party every day!
Tamala Jones Stars as Lanie Parish in Castle Season 5

What a fun place to work!

It is, it is so much fun.

So what can we expect from Lanie this season?

You know what? They have Lanie all over the place this season. Lanie and Esposito are still sneaking around. We’re sneaking around — we have late night booty calls. I just cannot stay away from Esposito!

Are there any new men that come into Lanie’s life?

Well, I have petitioned for Dwight Howard to come and play a role in that he is here in Los Angeles. He has asked a million times because he loves the show. So I spoke to Andrew about it and I guess they are going to have a meeting and see what they can do. Why not?

You could have worse love interests!

Right? That would be great!

Will you and Esposito eventually get back together, though?

I can’t really say. I can just tell you, it ain’t over.

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