After The Storm: What was in the scene that was cut?

For the season premiere of season 5, a scene was cut out of the aired episode. TVLine lets us know what that scene was about:

Now that the episode has aired, what was the scene cut out of Castle 501 ? — @vikimousse 
Ah, yes. The scene I saw them film during my set visit had Espo storming out of Beckett’s apartment when Ryan showed up to help with the Cole Maddox case, and Kate then reeling him back in. It’s a shame it got cut since it took many takes to get Esposito’s angry door-slam just right, but in hindsight the sequence probably made the character look too petty.

What are your thoughts about this scene being cut? Would it had made the season premier even better than it already was? Or would this extra scene be too much?
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