Castle Cliff Notes: Secret's Safe With Me (5x03)

Castle Cliff Notes
-Secret’s Safe with Me-

Another Castle Monday means another Castle Cliff Notes.  Missed the episode?  Just love Caskett?  Well you have come to the right place for a quick review of our top 5 favorite moments involving the best couple on TV Caskett (ok we may be a little biased…)!  Let the countdown begin

5. Martha Knows

Well those of you who placed your bets on Martha, looks like you are the lucky winners!  With Alexis packing up for college Martha asks Castle if he should give her the talk which Castle mistakes for “the talk.”  Turns out she was actually referring to the Castle/Beckett sex talk because she doesn’t want Alexis to accidentally walk in on a little Caskett fun if she comes home unannounced.  Martha even admits she knew Beckett was hiding in the closet after their night of fun… hey at least she kept it quiet for while. Castle ends up telling Alexis but convinces Beckett that both Alexis and Martha know how important the secret is.   Besides, Beckett ends up being more concerned with how Alexis took the news.  Anyone else hoping for a little Beckett/Alexis girl time in the future or do you think their relationship will be more tension filled?

4. A More Optimist Beckett?

After explaining her stickman to Castle, Beckett, in my favorite quote of the episode says it always reminds her that “even on the worst days, there is a possibility for joy.” Personally, I think this shows how far Beckett has come as a character on this show, and the positive effect Castle has had on her. I know Beckett has had this stickman a lot longer than she has known Castle, but this quote really couldn’t have better timing on the show.  Since being officially “with” Castle I think Beckett has learned to enjoy life and realize that she can always find happiness (mostly with a certain mystery writer) on the darkest days.  Also, looking back to the season 4 finale “Always” I think Kate finally saw that joy is always a possibility.  She was driving herself into the ground working her mother’s case and finally saw that it didn’t matter as long as she had Castle.  So far, I love the subtle changes in Beckett that her relationship with Castle is helping bring out in her and I can’t wait for more (especially after seeing next weeks promo!). 

3. Getting closer?

Looks like this episode is full of some of our favorite “Caskett-isms”, only this time they are actually having sex and not just torturing us with unresolved sexual tension. We have all seen it many times before, Castle and Beckett get on a roll talking out a scenario for a case starting about 4 feet apart and it ends up with them being about 2 inches apart with all of us yelling “just kiss already!” at our TV’s.  Looking like they are about to seal the deal and kiss to celebrate their theory they both realize they are at work and break apart with an “oh.” Sorry Castle fans, looks like we leave this scenario empty handed again but hey, at least we know they are kissing outside the precinct right? 

2. The Stickman Theories

While looking for a pen in Beckett’s desk, Castle stumbles upon a little stick man which Beckett seems upset about initially.  Castle being the writer boy he is starts devising stories that could possibly explain the stickman ranging from the more realistic scenarios (a gift from an ex-boyfriend) to the more imaginative farfetched stories (Beckett saving a gypsy woman from traffic).  Showing a more mature Castle and not continuing to pester Beckett until she reveals what it is, he decides that just because they have been “shaking hands a lot” doesn’t mean he has the right to pry in to her personal life and when she is ready she will tell him.  Aww looks like our Castle is growing up and it scores him some serious points with Beckett.  She reveals the stickman was actually from Coney Island where she went with her father after her mother’s funeral. I love getting little peaks into Beckett’s personal life and hope this is a trend that continues as Castle gets to know more and more about her past. Not to mention this scene led to the quote in item #4 which makes it a winner in my book.

1. Best Handshake Ever!

As we pointed out earlier Castle has forever changed the meaning of ordinary things like a simple cup of coffee and the word “always” to everyone who follows the show.  Now we can add a new seemingly simple concept to our lists, “the handshake.”  Desperately wanting to kiss Beckett at the precinct before heading back to the loft, Castle devises a more secretive plan to carry out his “kiss.”  He offers Kate a handshake stating that “this is me, softly touching your face, pulling you in for a long slow kiss.” Kate rubs her thumb over his hand and replies with “this is me, kissing you back, running my hands through your hair.”  Castle reads all of our minds stating “best handshake ever” and now the handshake forever has a new meaning with all Castle fans who can’t display their love through PDA in public. Watch out for sweaty hands though, because as Beckett points out “it’s kind of gross.” 

So what do you think Castle fans?  Did you love the handshake? Or do you have your own favorites?  Join the discussion in the comments section below or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!

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