Castle Cliff Notes Cloudy with a Chance of Murder

Castle Cliff notes
-Cloudy with a Chance of Murder-

There may have been a chance of murder, but there was a 100% chance of Caskett on this weeks episode.  We are trying something new on 12th Precinct and weekly I will publish by top 5 moments known as Castle Cliff notes (you know those short summaries of the books you were supposed to read in school?). Each week I give my top 5 along with a short summary of each moment and you can post your top 5 or comment on the moment I discuss. With so many good Caskett moment’s to choose from picking this week’s top 5 was hard, but here we go…

5. Do I sense some jealousy?
Throughout Castle’s run we have seen Castle and Beckett get jealous about their various significant others but there is something so much more fun about it when we all know they are actually together.  Especially when you can just tell they don’t want others to be ogling over what is “theirs.”   Let’s start with Castle’s interview with Christina the entertainment reporter who has a tendency to lure men with her bikini collection.  In an attempt to maintain their charade of being single Castle agrees, when asked on live TV, to go on a date with Christina.  What he fails to see however is Beckett practically short of yelling at him “no” from behind the cameras.  From then on we get a hint of jealous Beckett and can tell she is not happy about this woman (who would have been previously considered Castle’s type) making moves on her man. Plus, who didn’t love her face when she saw Christina straddling Castle in her pink bikini on their “date?”  
            Now for Castle jealously we get to thank Chip the sportscaster.  When he meets Beckett he drops the awful line “talk about New York’s finest” which is met by a death glare from Castle.  Not that Castle hasn’t given death glares in the past, but towards the end, Beckett makes Castle aware that Chip the sportscaster has called 12 times which you can tell irritates Castle but unlike him, she has just ignored his calls.  When they walk past Chip and he give Kate the “call me” sign while Castle makes a disgusted face and shoos him away.  I couldn’t help but laugh at Castle feeling intimidated by an annoying sportscaster who doesn’t rank even close to him in Beckett’s world and looks like he should be in an Anchorman movie.  I don’t know about you guys but I love a little harmless jealousy to show how much out favorite couple cares about each other.

4.  Green Screen Fun
Maybe it’s just me but I love seeing the softer side of Beckett that Castle brings out of her and this scene is no exception.  While on the phone with Esposito at the news station, Beckett spots Castle having some fun playing with the green screen used for the weather report.  He pretends to be superman, makes his fingers walk across the screen, and lifts cloud across the east coast and Kate catches him in the act.  She somewhat loses her spot in the conversation and lets a small smile slip before picking back up on case talk with Espo.  I have to say I also found myself smiling at Castle’s childish antics and I think Beckett, while trying to be the serious type, also has soft spot for his inner child.  I would definitely love to see Castle get Beckett into doing some fun, carefree non-work related activities as the season progresses and enjoy more simple moments together.
3. Say it with me Castle Fandom…Finally!
            Number 3 on my countdown made the list because it was like Castle and Beckett were saying what fans of the show have been saying for years now.  While sitting in the precinct, they are discussing if two coworkers could have been just friends.  Castle points out that they were just friends for four years with Beckett interjecting that Castle was just “trying to sleep with me that whole time.” You may have had part of that right Beckett, but I think Castle fans can agree that the whole “just friends” part of it was far from the truth.  Castle turns it around on her saying she was the one trying to sleep with him and “don’t tell me you dress like that for Esposito.”  I would have loved to have heard Beckett’s answer for this one, but Esposito makes a well timed appearance.  While I have to agree with Beckett about who was trying to sleep with her I’m going to give the win on this one to Castle.  Now I won’t lie that I love Beckett’s sexy kick ass cop style and wish I owned her entire closet but let’s be real here…no other female cop dresses like that.  Regardless, keep the sexy coming Kate and who cares who was trying to sleep with who, let’s all be happy we finally crossed the just friends line and get to see some real heat!    

2. The Morning Routine
Of course no countdown for this episode would be complete without address the opening scene!  I love getting little peaks into Castle and Beckett’s daily routine and this was no exception.  Trying to put together the right outfit for her first day back Beckett asks Castles opinion on her shirt to which he tells her she looks sexy which prompts the question “Sexy? What do you mean by sexy?”  Confused Castle tries to think of something else to say but can’t bring about the question of “what’s wrong with sexy?” Beckett is highly concerned with their coworkers figuring out about their relationship and is trying to do what she can to prevent them from finding out and apparently dressing “normal” is part of the plan for her.  Dissatisfied with Castle’s sexy answer she changes tops and asks his opinion again but he turns down her choice again.  This time though, Castle can’t fool Beckett and she catches onto his plan to continue to tell her no so she keeps taking her shirt off.  He responds with an adorable high pitched “whaaaat?” before our favorite couple’s bedroom fun is interrupted by a murder across town.  Not before Kate reminds him about acting like they are single and public and sharing a kiss to which leaves her saying “wow” before leaving the room.  “Wow” was definitely right Beckett… talk about starting your morning off the right way!

1. “I’m Sorry”
            I know some people might disagree with me on this one but the final scene was definitely my favorite of the episode.  Like every couple, Caskett is going to have their disagreements and the important thing that helps relationships last is how you handle them.  Realizing that Beckett is upset about his date with Christina, Castle shows up at her apartment immediately apologizing to her for his mistake (take notes guys, girls love an apology when warranted) and Beckett admits she doesn’t want to have to worry about him sleeping with other women, not that we can blame her based on his play boy history, but come on Kate give writer boy a little credit here!  Turns out that isn’t the main problem though, as Beckett admits she has been worried about what Miles from the news station said about interoffice romances imploding and inevitably falling apart.  Slightly breaking the serious moment Castle reminds Beckett that Miles was a lying killer before sensing Beckett needs some reassuring and saying that really they have no idea where their relationship is going to go but maybe it will “continue to be amazing.”  They may not know what will happen but they just have to continue to find their way as a couple.  Seeming a little skeptical still, Beckett agrees but also requests that they talk about dating other people but don’t actually “date” other people.  Castle agrees and Beckett responds with my favorite quote of the night “good because I have a gun, and you don’t really have a choice.”  Going in for a kiss, Beckett pulls back stating she can’t kiss him because she keeps seeing her Christina’s boobs in his face.  I love that the writers keep the fun aspect of Caskett and are able to mix it in with serious conversation about their relationship.  It keeps it very believable and makes for a lot of fun Caskett moments.

Honorable Mentions:
Of course I can’t list every moment but here are this week’s honorable mentions:
·         Lanie calling Beckett out on having sex
·         Castle going out of his way to act single with his comments about being a single man
·         Ryan and Esposito’s bromance appears to be back on
o   I know this isn’t specifically Caskett… but I have to give some love to our favorite bromance!
·         Beckett and Castle listening to Miles talk about interoffice dating

So what do you think Castle fans?  Agree with me? Have your own favorite moments or a different spin on the moments above? Join the discussion and leave your comments below or send us a tweet at @Reallinzmarie or @TwelfthPrecinct
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