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After a week hiatus we are back with another edition of Castle Cliff notes and based on the previews alone we knew this was going to be quite the test for Caskett.  While there was definitely tension throughout, there were plenty of Caskett moments for this week’s countdown with some help from the rest of our favorite cast on TV!  Read through and let us know what you think by commenting or tweeting us at @TwelfthPrecinct!!

5. Cell Block Tango (Any Chicago fans out there??)

After Tyson (3XK) visits Castle in the holding cell, he tries to tell Beckett what happened but they have no evidence that he was ever there.  Kate doesn’t care about the lack of evidence though because his story is the only one that has made sense so far.  Surprised Beckett is going with his story due to the lack of evidence he asks “you believe me?” and she responds with “I never stopped.” Awwww looks like love really can outweigh the evidence, although I don’t think anyone was buying Castle did this.  I mean even Gates wasn’t on board with that theory and we know she isn’t Castle’s biggest fan.  The moment gets an extra “aww” factor when Castle and Beckett grab each other’s hands (as best you can through a holding cell) and give us a semi handshake moment.  We will just have to imagine them kissing each other for now (insert holding cell fantasies here) but I’m sure when they figure it out and get home for the night there will be some real handshaking.

4. Cuffed

When it is finally time for Castle to go to central booking, Beckett goes to handcuff Castle who tries to keep the mood light by saying it is “so much less fun than the other night at your place.”  At this point in the episode I could really go for a little flashback of that moment to help ease the tension a little since I was on the edge of my seat!  Castle continues to talk to Beckett asking if she remembers the first time she cuffed him at the library and “what I wouldn’t give to be there now.”  Beckett promises him this isn’t over and she will get him out, but it looks like Castle was the one with the master plan all along.  When the real police come to pick Castle up, after he already left with fake ones, Beckett figures out his clue (mid sentence with Esposito) and meets him at the library where he was waiting for her “disguised” using a baseball cap.  They meet by embracing each other and expressing how happy they are to see each other, but not for long before they get back down to business.  An extremely cute moment in a very intense episode earns this a spot in this week’s countdown!

3. Shameless…

Before the episode gets intense, Castle and Beckett share sweet, lighthearted moment.  When Beckett tells Ryan to check the victims recently bought jewelry for prints, Castle responds with “Jewelry… I never would have thought of that.” Always quick with her responses Beckett says “I guess I’ll have to remind you when my birthday’s coming up.”  The banter continues with Castle responding “why Detective Beckett was that a hint you just dropped?” and Beckett’s adorable “Why Mr. Castle, I do believe it was.” Castle ends the conversion by saying “shameless” but we know he can’t resist the Kate Beckett charm.  The moment is quickly interrupted by Esposito ready to present Beckett with some shocking evidence but not before my mind wandered thinking about what kind of jewelry Castle would buy his new girlfriend.  I’m thinking something classic and beautiful but low key and not super flashy… Beckett wouldn’t want super bling while at crime scenes (although she could definitely rock it at a red carpet event or book launch party).  So what do you think Castle fans?  What kind of jewelry would Castle buy Beckett? 

2. Caskett’s Out of the Bag

There were so many great moments between the whole cast tonight in relation to Caskett it was hard to pick just one so I cheated a little and combined them into one big moment of Castle and Beckett’s friends finding out about their relationship.  First, Ryan decides Esposito should know since they are investigating Castle and looking into his personal life.  I loved Esposito’s questioning of “well when did they start?” and that under normal circumstances he would be happy for them.  It was also nice to hear Ryan telling Esposito that she didn’t want anyone to know most likely because she didn’t want Gates finding out and breaking up their partnership (so keep quiet you two!).  As usual the bromance looks out for Beckett and doesn’t say a work to Gates but I loved when Beckett asked how they knew and Esposito just responds with “it’s us so…”  Good try Javi but if anyone did the detective work on this one it was Ryan during the last episode.  Who is looking forward to Ryan and Espo giving Castle the “Don’t screw this up or we will hurt you talk” in a future episode?

Also, obviously Lanie found out about our couple because she is having girl time with Beckett after she finds out Castle started having an affair a few weeks after they started seeing each other (which ends up not being true).  A tearful Beckett tells Lanie that Castle denies the emails and stories and says he was being framed.  He “looked like a little boy he was so scared” and Beckett continues telling Lanie that she knows Castle and that “he is an immature, egotistical, self-centered jackass sometimes but he’s not this.”  You can see the sincerity in her face as she said every word and I think Lanie believed her as well.  How could you not?  An emotional Kate Beckett doesn’t happen often and when it does you know she cares and means every word.  Also I was happy to see Kate talking to Lanie and not shutting others out when she was experiencing a tough time (a little character growth from previous seasons).  I would love to see in future episodes Beckett talking to Lanie under different (more enjoyable) circumstances and maybe telling us some qualities about Castle that she loves.  Who doesn’t love girl time??

Finally, does Gates know/ does she not know?  Regardless she was a lot less harsh with Castle that I thought she would be and actually seemed to be on team Caskett’s side.  So what do you think?  Does Gates know and if she does will she break apart our crime solving duo?

1. Things Have Never Been Easy…

After being cleared of charges, Gates has Caskett go back to the station to start Castle’s paperwork for his escape.  While stuck at a bridge, Castle thanks Beckett for believing in him even when given his past and reputation it could be difficult to trust him.  She responds with “yeah well things have never been easy between you and me.” He beings to say “maybe that’s what makes it all worthwhile…” when *CRASH* they get rear ended by Tyson.  Beckett thinks she has shot him but he takes her (and pushes her gun away) telling Castle he has his girl (with a gun to her).  As a side note… although it’s a very intense and life hanging in the balance kind of moment it was actually kind of nice to hear Beckett called “his girl” and it’s actually true.  Now back to the action… Castle ends up with the gun and saves Beckett by shooting Tyson (multiple times) with him ending up in the river.  Anyone out there keeping tally of the Castle vs. Beckett life saving moments? If so, you can mark another one in the Team Castle column.  Since I’m a sucker for all Caskett life saving scenarios and it also involved some very sweet Caskett dialogue, this ends up at the top of my countdown this week. 

Such an intense episode but easily one of my favorites this season!  I posed a lot of questions during my countdown like does Gates know about Caskett/ what will she do about it and what kind of jewelry you think Castle would buy Beckett, so let us know what you think! Join the discussion in the comments section below or tweet us at  @TwelfthPrecinct!  

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