Castle Halloween FanFic Competition: Real Live Haunted House

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Story: Real Live Haunted House

Rating: Unknown
Word count: 2476

“No, Castle.”

“Come on.” He duck-walks Ryan’s rolling chair towards her at the murder board. “Weso need to go.”

“I’m notgoing. Take Shaggy with you instead.”

His eyebrowstwitch at that, but he doesn’t relent.

“But it’s ahaunted house. And it’s almost Halloween. And you won’t wear the slutty nursecostume I bought-”

Ninja-fast,she’s twisting his ear, and he’s dropped to one knee on the floor, grimacingand wrenching her hand away. “Jeez, woman. You-”


He rubs at his ear over and over, scowling at her, and she lifts an eyebrow down at him, onhis knees in front of her, in the same instant that Ryan comes back and startslooking for his chair.

He whistles atthe scene, and then the whole bullpen is looking, and Castle’s eyes go wide fora flaring moment before he scrambles to his feet to make a big production outof her ear-twisting.

Ryan has astrange look on his face when he approaches them, but he comandeers his chair.Castle turns to him. “Hey, convince Beckett to come check out the Real LiveHaunted House with me.”

Ryan grins.“Ohhh, so not a proposal?”

“Shut up,”Kate growls, turning away from both of them.

“Real LiveHaunted House, Beckett. When does that everhappen?”

“Last year?”she says snarkily, turning to look at him. He’s fist-bumping Ryan and looksentirely too pleased with himself. And she realizes she’s admitted that theyencountered something - other-wordly - at last year’s murder scene. “I mean. ..”

“Okay, butthis time it’s real.”

“It’s neverreal, Castle.”

“This timeit’s Paranormal Activity 5. I swear. Come on.”

“Ohh, thosemovies were so good,” Ryan says, leaning against the back of his chair.

Castle grins.“I know, right? So good. When she goes to the crib-” He shivers hard and hiseyebrows wriggle in delight.

Ryan isnodding eagerly. “Have you-”

“Okay, girls,”Beckett sighs. “Wanna wait to have this discussion until the sleepover? Giveyou something to look forward to.”

Ryan slinksoff, rolling his chair back to his desk, and Castle turns his body to hem herin, his face that eager and intractable please.

“Come on.Real-”

“If you sayReal Live Haunted House one more time, Rick Castle, our sleepover is canceled.”


Even as shewalks along the side of the house, cloaked in deep darkness, she still can’tbelieve she’s here.

“This is socool,” he whispers at her back. “Isn’t it so cool? This-”

“Shut up untilwe get inside,” she hisses at him, nudging open the squeaky wrought iron gatewith her hip. Beckett turns back to look at him, to make sure that didn’t leavea mark on his ego, but she needn’t have worried.

He’s stillentirely too delighted.

Castle’s handsnags at her hip, crowding her through the gate, and just to keep that burningtouch off of her, she takes his fingers, laces hers through his to pull himinto the back yard.

He waits,vibrating with excitement as she stops at the dilapidated back porch.

“It’s supposedto be unlocked,” he whispers.

“This istrespassing,” she warns him again.

“Not really.Everyone goes. Come on.”

“I can’tbelieve you suckered me into driving all the way to Jersey-”

“Come on,Beckett. Stop dawdling. If you’re scared, just say so.”

She glares athim in the darkness and turns back to the door. The house is practically inruins, the last crumbling edifice at the end of a long, gravel drive in themiddle of nowhere. The window panes have all been broken, the front porch hassagged so far down that they couldn’t even attempt a front entry. The back isovergrown with weeds as tall as her waist, and she’s pretty sure she nearlystepped on a snake.

“Is itunlocked?” he mumbles, crowding closer, his heat dissipating the chill in theair.

She touchesthe knob and the door swings back, groaning. Beyond is more darkness, shadows of darkness, and suddenly this seemslike a really terrible idea.

He shivers ather back and she feels it thrum through her; she squeezes his fingers and tugshim inside.


“Don’t even,Castle.”

“But if we dietonight-”


“I just wantyou to know-”

She’s only onestep past the threshold, but she turns around suddenly, his body bumping intohers, and she presses her fingers to his lips.

“Don’t make mehurt you.”

“Again?” Hiseyebrow twitches up and she can feel the grin under the pads of her fingers.Instead of another round of stupid banter, she drops her hand and presses hermouth into his, quick and tight, tongue swirling until he gasps.

“What was thatfor?” He pants against her cheek, fingers digging into her hip.

“Just in caseyou really can be scared to death. Now come on.”


Castle isusing his flashlight app, but it only creates more shadows to jump at.  Which he does. With an almost predictableregularity.  She stops turning to lookevery time he gasps and simply explores.

The back doorleads to a kitchen, a miserable expanse of cracked linoleum and strippedfixtures, the gaping cabinets like hungry mouths. They abandon it soon enoughand start down a narrow hall, the ceiling brushing the top of Castle’s head,the passageway so close that their shoulders bump together.

As they pass,he shines the lights over discolored patches of yellowing wallpaper.

“Framedphotos?” she wonders aloud, skimming her fingers over the outlines. She comesaway with girtty cobwebs, hears the skitter of insect-like feet farther downthe hall.

Castleshvivers beside her and shines the light towards the sound. “I feel like we’rein Old Misery’s house,” he murmurs.

She stepsahead of him down the hall and flashes him a quick grin in the beam of his light,reaches back to take his free hand. “Graham Greene? Really? I was expectingPoe, for sure.”

“I like tokeep you on your toes.”

She hums andpulls him towards the end of he hall. “That you do.”

“Hey, thereare stairs,” he says softly, pointing the light towards the wooden staircasereaching to their right, just off the askew front door.

“No.”  Kate grips his hand and keeps him frommounting the first step. “You saw the outside of this place. You’d fall rightthrough, Castle.”

“I thinkyou’re calling me fat.”

“No, kitten,just big-boned.”

He grunts on alaugh and swings his face back to hers, a startling pale moon in the darkness.“I warned you about that.”

She lifts aneyebrow as he steps in close, but now he’s thoroughly distracted from theemergency-room-visit-inducing stairs - just as she hoped.

Still, shedidn’t plan on the way her body cants into his, the irresistible tug ofdarkness and the unknown and that retalitory heat in his eyes. His allure rollsin waves over her, his fingers seeking her hipbones through her jacket, herfingers skiing up the the slope of his spine to draw him closer. His lit-upphone is still in one hand, angled crazily towards the listing door, making hisface a strange contrast of deep shadow and harsh glare as he looms over her.

His mouthdescends, but instead of a kiss, he nips at her jaw with his teeth, a shivervibrating through her. He chuckles, pulling her hips roughly against his, andshe sucks in a breath at his ear, curling her fingers in his jacket to hold on.

“Kate,” hesays softly, his mouth at her neck, the rough scrape of his bite making herhips jerk forward. He hums at that, pleased with himself, and she tries togather herself back together, effect some kind of payback.

She forces hereyes open, draws her hands around his chest, and fumbles her fingers at hisbelt-

He screams.

She startleshard, biting her lip, and his hands clench too tightly and drag her to one sideand back, down the hall, and she still can’t find her feet, she has fistfuls ofhis jacket and the broad expanse of his chest blocking her view, and somethingflies past her head and he ducks-

and then shefeels it, the icy wet cold, and she jerks on a yell, arching into him, makinghim stutter to a stop, trembling-

“What wasthat?” she hisses, twisting around to see-

“What was what?” he yelps.

“Why did youscream?”

“Why didyou?!”

“Somethingcold. Wet. On my back. Castle-”

He grunts andshoves her down towards the kitchen, twisting to avoid the walls, and then shefeels it, the brush of her elbow against cool, dewy moisture, and even as he’sbodily carrying her backwards, she sees the walls are red - red - the walls areglistening red-

“Is that blood?”

“Oh God, we’regonna die-”
“We are sureas hell not going to die-”

“Is it blood?”he pants, still shoving her back, refusing to look, but she won’t go. There’s-“Is it blood? If it’s blood, we are out of here. Is it-”

“It’s wet,”she growls, pushing on his shoulders so she can just see, the big oaf. “It’s wet and where is your flashlight app?”

“I dropped myphone,” he moans, his hand gripping the back of her neck, his hips knockinginto hers as he tries to get her to move. “I don’t know - it’s not in my hand -I think when I went for your bra, I-”

“You dropped-”

“Don’t judge me.There was a face. At the stairs. I was practically at third base and then Iopened my eyes and there was a face-”

“There was nota face-” If she could just look closer at these walls - it can’t be blood. Itcan’t be - it has to be dew or leaky pipes and the water is discoloring thewallpaper and-

“You werepointing the wrong direction. I swear to God, Scully-”

“Rick Castle,if you don’t stop calling me-”
“MOVE,” hegrunts, practically shoving her out of the hallway and back into the kitchen.

She trips oversomething and stumbles back, her body finally untangling from his, and when shecatches herself against the kitchen island, hands smeared with a wet, rustygrime, she sees what she tripped over.

So doesCastle.

“That’s myphone.”

“Did you throw-”

“That’s myphone,” he says again, staring dumbly at it.

“I feltsomething fly past my head-”

“I didn’t throw it.

She stares athis phone.

He swallowsloudly in the harshly illuminated room, his eyes track slowly up to hers.“Poltergeists will throw objects-”

“Don’t even.”

They stoop forhis phone at the same time, cracking their heads together, and she groans andfalls back.  Castle reaches for her,gripping her by the elbow, and she feels him haul them both upright again,listing for the door.

“We’re gettingout of here.”

“But thewalls-” she starts.

“No. Not-uh.No dead body, no need to investigate-”

“Oh jeez, youtotally jinxed-”

“Turn aroundand walk out the door,” he growls, pocketing his phone and turning towards theway they came in. The door is shut.

“Did you shutthe door?”

“That’s notfunny, Kate”

“I didn’t shutit.” Her voice has gone up an octave.

“Not funny,”he says again and he reaches out for the knob.

It doesn’tturn.

“Oh God.”

“What?” shewhispers. “What. What is it.”

He rattles itharder, but the door is locked. Kate turns wide eyes to him, her heartthundering hard, and he stares back at her.

“No,” shesays, shaking her head, closing her eyes for an instant. “This is not a haunted house. This is just. . .”

“This is justwhat?”

She pushespast him, pick-pocketing his phone as she goes, and shines the light towardsthe hallway, reaching to her back-

But she didn’tbring her gun. Damn it. He told her not to - he told her shooting at ghostswouldn’t do them any good.

“Kate? No. Not- not a good idea. Let’s get the door open.”

“I am not in a haunted house. I don’t believein ghosts.”

“Sure you do.Everyone does, when it comes down to it. We want to believe there’s somethingpast this life, a reason for-”

“Shut up, Castle.”She steps into the hallway carefully and takes a quick breath, then shines thelight on the walls.

They’re oozingred. Runny, thin, and red. Water mixed with blood.

“Oh my God,”he moans.

She reachesback, her fingers fumble with his, but he takes her hand, he takes her hand andeven when he resists her tug forward, he comes with her.

The walls are dripping red. She can’t bring herself totouch it.  It looks. . .but no. It can’tbe.

The groan of afloorboard echoes down the hallway and she snaps the light towards thestaircase, heart thundering so hard she can barely hear anything else.

“Kate,” hemutters, his grip getting tighter, his chest practically pressed into her back.“Not - let’s not do this.”

She sees thefaint reflection of a light in the broken remnants of the front door’s window.Like it’s coming from upstairs and mirrored there.

“Do you seethat?” she breathes.


And thenrustling, a step right above their heads.

“Castle,” shesays, turning around and clutching at his jacket, tugging him in close, hereyes on his. “Castle. In case we-”

He gapes ather, his neck flushes. “No. Kate, wait-”

“In case wedon’t-”
Kate,” he grits out, a hand coming up tostop her.

“I love you.”

His jaw drops,the air is sucked out of the hallway, and his grip on her is so hard, shecouldn’t move if she wanted to.

“In case thisis a really stupid idea,” she says more clearly, her voice strengthening. “Ilove you.”

He still can’tspeak.

And thenthunderous crashing from behind her and - “Holy shit, Beckett, did you say-”

She jerksaround on a gasp and stares at Esposito and Ryan tripping down the stairs andtumbling to an open-mouthed stop at the foot.

Espo and Ryan.

She turnsslowly back to Castle.

“Um. Boo?” Heflashes the boys a look over her shoulder and then finally meets her eyes witha wince. “And. . .I love you too?”

“Rick. Castle.You set me up.”

She narrowsher eyes at him, pushes past him roughly for the door. It better damn well openthis time.

Behind her,she hears him.

“BestHalloween ever.”

She calls overher shoulder. “But just think, Castle. It’s only October 25th. Plenty moreHalloween to come - and payback is a bitch.”

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