Castle Halloween FanFic Competition: A Haunted Castle

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Story: A Hunted Castle

Rating: T
Word count: 2490

It wascompletely out of the question that she was going this year. She’d alwaysrefused to go, every single year and every single year she ended up being thereanyways. Sometimes the boys had dragged her there even though they were workingon a case at the time, they just didn’t care and once she even went because shehad to see what (or more specifically) who was there as well. She could neverblame the boys for wanting a little bit of fun and she had to confess, Castle’sHalloween parties really were the best but this year, no, this year she justreally couldn’t and wouldn’t go.
Just imagining it gave her a terrible headache. 

Up until now everything had gone perfectly smooth. Well, almost. Theirrelationship was still a secret. That was, if she didn’t consider Alexis andMartha knowing about it.
That said, they had been in some really precarious situations more than onceand the boys as well as Lanie knew that she wasn’t single anymore. She wasactually surprised at how well Castle was dealing with it, he chimed right inwhenever the boys started teasing her. He always paid for it later though. Andwith that trip to the Hamptons they actually both paid for it. Damn that case,now Ryan knew and Kate had no idea for how long he would be able to keep quietabout it.
The Halloween party might be a trigger for him to spill the beans or he mightjust drop a stupid comment that would give their secret away. She knew it hemight do that accidentally. It was Ryan after all but she didn’t want to riskit.
It wasn’t like the boys didn’t know Castle’s loft as well, they’d been thereoften enough to know their way around. But everyone got familiar with a placeafter a certain time. You could actually see by their behaviour if they wereliving in a place or not. And Beckett…she’d definitely been living at Castle’sloft. They stayed at her place often enough but Kate had noticed herself howdifferently she behaved whenever she was in the loft. She and Martha had adifferent way of talking to each other, she felt comfortable in every corner ofthe flat and the worst part if the boys or Lanie came over, there were a lot ofher toiletries in the bathroom. Yes, it was Castle’s en-suite but during aparty the toilets tended to be used, and not just the guest toilets. And shewas almost certain that she’d lost a pair of earrings somewhere in the livingroom and Castle hadn’t found them yet. Lanie would recognise them and evenEsposito would get suspicious.
“Come on, Kate! You have to come!” hebegged her again with puppy dog eyes and pulled her out of her thoughts.
“I told you already, Castle, I won’t. There’s no way in hell that I’ll comethis year.”
“But they’ll suspect something if you’re not here. What reason could you haveto be somewhere else?”
“I am having a horror film night with my boyfriend. Ryan won’t tell on us andEsposito will believe it because he knows I actually do have a boyfriend.”
“Can’t you humour me then? Or my mother? She was so looking forward to this.”
“Try as much as you like, I am not coming. Now drop it or you won’t getanything from me anymore tonight.”
Castle grumbled but said nothing more about the matter. He was sure he’d find away to convince her even if it took him till the last minute. For now he stayedsilent though because he really didn’t like spending the night alone anymore.
The badmood started three days later. The invitations for the Halloween Party had beensent out ages ago. Okay, maybe just two months ago but still. It always tooksome people a very, very long time to RSVP. Some however, had already giventheir yes.
It was lunch time when he got the call. One of his regular guests had tocancel. His mother, who lived in Europe, was ill and he had to go over to seeher and wasn’t sure when he’d be back. It was past 2pm when he got anothercall. Another regular had to cancel because her very new boyfriend had aweekend trip planned for them and she didn’t want him to cancel that becausetheir relationship was so new. By the end of the day he had received 5cancellations. 5 bloody cancellations in one single day. It really put him in abad mood and not even Beckett managed to cheer him up.
“It’s like the first day of bad luck! And it’s your fault too!” he moaned ather, almost hanging over his chair in the precinct, drawing a long face.
“How is it my fault?”
“Yesterday! When we went to the crime scene, remember?”
“Oh. Come on, Castle, you can’t be that superstitious.”
“Well, I am. You made me walk under that ladder even though I didn’t want to!”
“There was no other way to go and we were in a hurry.”
“It’s not like a dead body is going anywhere, now is it.”
“Alright, fine. If you want to blame me, blame me, but I have nothing to dowith this. Maybe this just isn’t the year. Maybe –“ she said and after quicklylooking around leaned in closer to him, finished her sentence ”- this is theyear where we can spend a scary horror movie night together without a party.”
He smiled a little at that but it didn’t satisfy him.
“I call it my first day of bad luck anyways. Bad luck from walking under aladder.”
On thesecond day of bad luck it was rather quiet. No one cancelled, no one agreed tocome either.
Beckett managed to keep Castle occupied by giving him tasks that would helpsolve their current case and by the end of the day, they had another scumbaglocked up safely behind bars and the boys were joking around about Castle’smisery. Ryan told Castle he couldn’t make it which was when Castle moaned aboutbeing cursed again.
“You gonna have to find another magician to un-curse you?” Esposito asked withsly grin but Castle ignored him.
Day fourand five weren’t very eventful either. Some people had the courtesy to call andtell Castle that they couldn’t come. Alexis was home over the weekend and kepther father’s spirit up by making jack-o-lanterns and getting some decorationready that she could hang up in her room at the college dorm. Beckett had herown means to keep Castle’s spirit up during the night.
On thesixth day, Castle was seriously getting worried. He had not even had one singleguest RSVP-ing, not a single one – except for the ones who cancelled again. Hehad no idea why – except for the fact that he walked under a ladder and had badluck for the rest of his life – and he didn’t know what he would do if no onecame. Or if just one person came and he’d have to tell them that the party wascancelled completely.
He had a hard time concentrating at work and when a new homicide was called inhe couldn’t focus. Whenever Beckett asked what he was thinking (about thecase), he’d get out a new theory of why no one came to his party.
“Do you think they didn’t like Frozen Heat and they don’t want to tell me sothey’re avoiding me?”
“No Castle, your book was brilliant as always. Now focus.”
“But what if they think this year’s theme was too appalling?”
“What is this year’s theme?”
“None really…Marvel maybe…”
“Whatever it is, stop wondering and help me solve this case.”
“Only if you help me figure out why no one’s coming.”
“Fine,” she replied just to make him shut up about it for a while.
The dayspassed by but Castle still couldn’t find a reason why no one was coming. Therewere only three days left till the date of the party (it was obviously going totake place before the actual Halloween because some of his guests had kids andthey had to go trick or treating on the 31st) and he was now thinkingabout alternative plans for the night.
Beckett kind of enjoyed watching him being so worried over a tiny little party,it was fun. But then, she did know how much it actually meant to him. So thatby Friday evening after solving another case that allowed them to have theirSaturday off, she invited him for drinks and brought the boys and Lanie along.Both Esposito and Lanie had cancelled during the week. Castle had beenabsolutely gutted.
“You always come to my party! Even if you’re working on a case!” he’d said andhad gotten a wave of apologies that didn’t quite satisfy him but he eventuallyjust stopped arguing and sulked away.
Now they were having some drinks together and it seemed like Castle hadforgiven them again.
The night wore on and soon one after the other left so that only Castle andBeckett were sitting at the bar.
“Now you don’t even need an excuse not to come. I am so very disappointed inall my guests. How could they do this to me?”
“Next year, Castle. We can do it properly then. But for now, let’s just enjoy anice weekend off.”
She drowned her drink and took his hand.
“Come on, I’ve got something for you,” she added teasingly and together theywent to her apartment.
She’d foundhis costume for the night – Captain America – during the week and had smuggledit to her place. She’d found an Elektra costume for herself – there was no harmin teasing him a little bit – and she was about to show it to him. Her plan wasto convince him to just have a little party themselves at his place but onlyafter a peaceful day at her apartment.
When she told him, he was over the moon about the idea of having a privateparty and even more so about her costume. They spent all of Saturday morning inbed, went for a walk in the park during the afternoon and got themselves readyfor a private party in the evening.
What they didn’t know, was that the loft was occupied.
There wasactually no reason for them to be dressed up since they were having a privateparty but Beckett liked to tease Castle ever so often and dressing up justhappened to be one of the things which drove him crazy. And she had fun too.
She was wearing a black coat over her costume – which she did cover up a bitbecause it would’ve been a bit too showy – and Castle kept trying to get thecoat off her in the elevator.
When she’d seen him in his Captain America outfit first she wasn’t sure whetherit was better to laugh or to admire. She did both.
“Why didn’t you go for Iron Man, wouldn’t that have been better for you?”
“Why, because of our similarities? Ruggedly handsome, rich and creative?”
“And served with way too much ego, yes.”
“There are no good and half way comfortable Iron Man costumes out there thatlook authentic and building one was too hard…”
It had made sense to her. And she liked him as Captain America. And it was hardto resist Captain America.
“Will you just leave it? We’re not even in the loft yet.”
“That hasn’t bothered you before…”
“Yeah well, I wasn’t wearing a red leather costume then.”
He grinned at her but did give in and just held her hand.
The elevator opened, the two of them got out and went to the door. There,Castle spun her around and kissed her fiercely and she kissed him back for amoment but then remembered something and tried to stop the kiss but it was alreadytoo late.
“KATE?!” she heard the very surprised voice of her best friend and the gaspsfrom several people who stood behind Lanie who had opened the door, wanting toscream “Surprise” at them.
Castle had immediately let go of Kate when he heard her name but it was toolate. They knew. Not all of them but enough.
“What is going on here?!”
“Hi dad…” Alexis peeped around the door and looked at a very flushed KateBeckett and an utterly surprised Richard Castle.
“It was supposed to be a…well…prank and surprise…I guess the surprise is on youthough,” the girl answered her father’s question.
“What kind of prank. What is going on, what are all these people doing here?They all said they couldn’t come?” Castle was really confused now and looked atKate who – even though she was feeling really hot and sweaty and uncomfortablebecause her friend kept staring at her in disbelieve – had a hard time not tostart laughing.
“I’m sorry Castle. This was supposed to come out a bit differently. Alexiscalled me a while ago. She had this plan of getting back at you for the Zombieoutfit and every other prank you ever played on her and she needed my help. Istole your guest list and gave it to her and she and Martha called everyone tocancel and RSVP to them instead.”
“You let them make me believe that I was being haunted by bad luck for walkingunder a ladder just so they could prank me?!”
“Oh Kate, I love you.”
She blushed again and hoped no one but the people at the door – Lanie,Esposito, Ryan, Martha and Alexis – could hear.
“Well…it didn’t quite have the effect we intended.”
“Oh, you did great. I really believed I was having a streak of very bad luck.”
He finally stepped into the loft, hugged his daughter and then looked around tosee who was there.
Almost everyone who was ever invited was there, filling every bit of space andlooking fantastic in their costumes, drinking and finally, starting to talkagain. Castle went and played the lovely host, laughing about how his familytricked him and making sure about who had seen him and Kate kiss. Beckett toldLanie to not say anything for now because she wanted to enjoy the party and herfriend obliged with a serious frown on her face – as did Detective Esposito.
In the end, all she wanted was to have a bit of fun. The fact that their secretwas out, didn’t matter that much anymore.
“She even managed to make you come after all,” she heard him whisper into herear at one point and she laughed.
“She is your daughter after all.”
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The moment that I met you, my life became extraordinary. You taught me to be my best self, to look forward to tomorrow's adventures. And when I was vulnerable, you were strong. I love you, Richard Castle. And I want to live my life in the warmth of your smile and the strength of your embrace. I promise you I will love you. I will be your friend and your partner in crime and in life, always. - Kate Beckett The moment we met, my life became extraordinary. You taught me more about myself than I knew there was to learn. You are the joy in my heart. You're the last person I want to see every night when I close my eyes. I love you, Katherine Beckett. And the mystery of you is the one I want to spend the rest of my life exploring. I promise to love you, to be your friend, and your partner in crime and life, 'till death do us part, and for the time of our lives. - Richard Castle

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