Castle Cliff Notes: Murder, He Wrote

I don’t know about you guys, but ever since the season 2 finale I have been looking forward to the day Beckett and Castle actually go to the Hampton’s together.  Looks like we have finally got our wish and we will be getting a little sun, swimsuits (optional of course), quality romantic alone time, and plenty of moments for a top 5 Caskett countdown.  What could possibly go wrong?

5. Castle’s Little Black Book

If I were dating a successful guy with a dating history like Richard Castle, one of my main concerns would be feeling like I am just another girl to him and it looks like Beckett might be feeling this way too.  After arriving at Castles’ Hamptons Home (which was amazing by the way) Castle gives Kate the grand tour which leaves us with a slightly sad looking Kate.  Noticing the change, Castle asks what is bothering her to which she sadly replies “I can’t help wondering how many other girls have gotten this tour.”  Continuing to show us his sweet side and not trying to cover up his past, he doesn't deny past women but finishes with “none of them were you.” Aww! I just love Castle’s romantic side and to make it better you know that he is sincere about every word and Beckett can tell.  Keep earning those points Castle, something tells me you may need them later.  Moments like this just make my heart melt and love Castle so much more. 

4.  No Suits Required

Ok you knew I couldn't have my countdown without mentioning THE scene.  I think this may have been the most watched scene on my DVR since the promo aired last week and I’m sure I’m not alone.  But, in case you missed it here is a little recap for you. Heading out to the pool in their robes (to a version of the “Always” score), Kate stops, taking hers off revealing her bare skin sans swimsuit stopping a rambling Castle in his tracks.  Stating the obvious Castle tells her she forgot her suit and with an adorable, playful smile Beckett responds with “I know.”  Our moment is cut short though when a dying man stumbles into Castle’s pool.  *Sigh* another romantic moment ruined by a murder but I won’t complain since the murder leads to other fun moments (a nice closing scene and Beckett getting her inner writer on).  As you can tell from my other countdown entries, I love seeing a laid back “girlfriend” Kate Beckett and this is no exception.  She loves being with Castle and we finally get to see her let go and have a little fun.  Here’s to hoping for more romantic moments in the future and hopefully no dead (or almost dead) bodies ruining the fun!

3. That’s What Partners Do Right?

I know this entry mainly focuses on Caskett, but where would our favorite couple be without their partners?  Knowing that Beckett is going away for the weekend with her boyfriend, Ryan and Esposito decide they should investigate to find out who this guy is, and if he is safe because it is what good partners would do.  Their first guess?  None other than Josh which is quickly shot down by Lanie because he is off in the Amazon setting up free clinics.  Next up was the roadblock that ruined the last potential Hamptons trip, Demming.  I loved Castles response to this one stating that “Beckett could do so much better” but once again the bromance debunks this potential boyfriend too.  As a final option, Esposito suggests her prior flame, Sorenson, which he eventually rules out as well.  Ryan however had a little more luck when interrogating Aaron Lerner who was previously interrogated by Castle and Beckett in the Hamptons.  Aaron tells Ryan he had been interrogated by Castle and his girlfriend, which leads Ryan into questioning about the “girlfriend” since Castle was supposed to be writing.  Mr. Lerner describes her then remembers her name was Kate and it appears Ryan is now the third person to know about Caskett.  Talking on the phone to Castle about the interrogation, Castle and Beckett become concerned that Ryan may now know about them but he chooses to keep it mysterious and tells them Lerner told him “everything”.  This leaves a panicked Beckett and Castle wondering what “everything” means.  Maybe they are starting to get caught up in that web of lies they were warned about at the new station?  Don’t worry though, Ryan doesn't tell Esposito and suggests they drop the investigation and let her private life stay private.  Looks like Caskett will remain a secret for now, but who long do you think it will last?

2.  Getting really, really close?

Last week I put Caskett’s staple theory rundown ending in them being super close on my countdown and yet again we get teased.  Just like they always do, they start by asking questions about the case and trying to figure out the motive behind a case.  They start explaining the missing pieces of their story, getting closer and closer in the process and this time they aren't in the precinct.  Castle pulls Beckett nice and close and it appears we are finally going to get our highly anticipated lip lock when all the pieces are put together, but once again we come up empty handed.  Beckett tells Castle he has to call Ryan and Esposito to let them know what they found out effectively ruining the moment. I’m starting to think Beckett and Castle both get a little turned on when they start piecing together a crime.  Looks like we are 0-2 this season on close calls but we are getting closer every time! Hang in there Caskett fans, I think we will get to see this soon! 

1. TGIF!

For what I think is the first time ever, we actually see Beckett watching the clock anticipating the weekend.  It seems like every episode Kate is the one working through the night and always eager to catch the next murderer but this was a fresh change of pace.  Like most people, Kate is at her desk watching the seconds tick away until 5:00pm on Friday hits (hopefully murder free) so the weekend can officially begin when Castle shows up with one minute to go.  He states that watching the clock is like “New Years Eve without the kissing” but points out that there will be plenty this weekend (rejoice Caskett fans!). Later in the Hamptons, after a dead guy falls into Castle’s pool (ruining a perfectly good skinny dipping opportunity) Castle wants to pursue the case while Kate wants to enjoy their weekend away which is a pleasant change. Later though, Kate does get more into the case bringing back a little bit of her cop side (we knew she couldn't resist) but she easily turns the romance back on resulting in the getting closer countdown moment. I love seeing Beckett be excited about having a personal life outside the precinct being “girlfriend Beckett” instead of “cop Beckett,” and couldn't be happier that it is with Castle which earns this collective lovely moment the top spot on this week’s countdown.  Hopefully we will continue to get little peeks into weekend getaways between our writer and his muse. 

Honorable Mention

I know it didn't make my countdown but I want to point out the moment where Castle is trying to think of his and Beckett’s combined couple name like they give high profile Hollywood stars.  It takes him a few tries but he finally picks out a good one, “Rickate, Kateic, Caskett?”  Beckett gives it a little smile and Castle agrees it makes since because of their crime fighting partnership. I love it when shows take ideas from their fan base and would love to see Caskett used more in the show!

I know it's not from the "Caskett" scene, but I just love this screen cap!

So did you love the Hampton’s as much as we did?  Want more skinny-dipping fun? Or do you have your own favorites?  Join the discussion in the comments section below to get your Caskett fix for the next 2 weeks and help make the 2 week break a little easier or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  We want to know what you think Castle fans :-)

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