Murder He Wrote: What did you think about this episode?

Murder, He wrote aired last night, and it was another brilliant episode of Castle

The episode was amazing! Ryan found out, but didn't say anything to Espo. And I'm sure he will go tease Caskett with it. Oh, and about Caskett, Castle mentioned their shippername!! And Lanie was hilarious, looking super annoyed at Ryan and Esposito.
I'm curious tho, if the book Hamptons Heat will be really the next one in the Nikki Heat series. It would be a really interesting story, if it would be different than this case of course. Brady would be an excellent character, as a police officer who have never seen a murder, in a town where all kinds of eccentric people are living, who are spending their weekends and holidays there.
And I really liked the case too, although it interrupted some hot moments between Caskett. I figured out the killer already a little while before the end of the episode, but that didn't make it less interesting.
I'm curious what will happen now their secret is out. Will there secret be safe with Ryan? How will it go when Ryan meets up with Caskett after they get back from the Hamptons?
And the promo for the episode in two weeks looks really promising. Here we have promotional pictures and a description of the episode, and from that it seems that Probable Cause will be pretty intense. But I really hope Kate doesn't think Castle would be the killer or that he would have an affair. She should know him and trust him by now. I'm guessing Castle is just secretly helping out the girl that was murdered.

Let us know what you think about last nights episode and about the promo for Probable Cause
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