12th Precinct Castle Christmas FanFic Competition

After our highly successful 12th Precinct Castle Halloween FanFic Competition, we are glad to present our first 12th Precinct Castle Christmas FanFic Competition!

Christmas is just around the corner and we want you to tell us what Christmas means to you through the eyes of Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Espo, Gates, Lanie, Alexis and Marth (and you are always free to include any other Castle characters or your own characters…BUT if you decide to include he-who-must-not-be-named, do that at your own risk!)

In comparison with our Halloween Competition, we changed the rules a bit, so read them here before you grab your pen or laptop to start your story:

-All stories entered will be "anonymous" entries both on ffnet and the 12th precinct site
- Stories have to be written originally for this competition

- Each author is allowed to send in only one story

- The story should include at least one of the Castle characters

- The story should be about Christmas

- All genres are accepted

- No M-rated stories

- The maximum word count shall be 3500 words

- Collaborations are allowed

- Judges cannot compete

- Contributors to the 12th Precinct site cannot compete

- The Deadline for sending in your stories is Monday, December 17th 2012, 10PM Eastern Time (Castle Time)

- The results of the judges vote will be announce at 12thprecinct.blogspot.com after the judges have made their decision

- The public vote will start on December 18th, 2012, when all stories are posted

- Authors who send in stories agree that 12thprecinct.blogspot.com can publish their stories on their site and on www.fanfiction.net, under the TwelfthPrecinct account

- Authors who send in stories agree that they will do everything possible to make sure the judges can't find out who wrote which story. (No publishing on other sites, until the winner of the competition is announced on this site)

- There is a prize for the winner of the judges competition. Angie (@dtrekker) will make a custom original artwork for the winners of the competition

Send in your entries now at CastleChristmas@gmail.com

Don't forget to mention your name, pen-name, Twitter-name, the title of your story, the word count and the rating in the mail with your fanfic.

Good luck authors! May the best fanfic win!

You will be able to find the entries here on our site end here on FanFiction.net
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