After Hours: Episode Details (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Before Stana will tweet live about After Hours, we already do too!

We want to warn you! 

Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

- As we already could have seen in the sneak peeks, the dinner party between the Castle's and the Beckett's is very awkward
- Castle and Beckett are happy they can leave the diner party to go to a crime scene
- Ryan is afraid of a nun coming to the precinct
- Caskett are bickering about their parents
- Caskett is trapped in a room
- Castle and Beckett will be on the run
- Just after Beckett's car was fixed up after the 3XK episode, her car is stolen in After Hours
- They don't have their phones with them
- Castle and Beckett are bickering some more about their parents
- The witness Caskett must protect threw a beer bottle at our favorite duo
- Beckett broke a window and throws a rock at a car
- Martha and Jim Beckett are visiting the 12th Precinct
- They are talking to Gates
- They are concerned about their kids
- Gates urges Ryan to find Caskett as she doesn't want to tell the parents that their children are dead
- Caskett and the witness they are protecting escape and run after a cab
- The witness twists his ankle
- Gates is being a badass in interrogation of a mafia member. She wants to hold him for 24 hours, while his plane will leave in 7
-  Castle "We had dinner with the parents. And her dad..." Beckett: "My dad?! More like your mom!"
- Martha and Jim are making up for their awkward dinner as they both are being concerned about their kids. Martha brings Jim some coffee (would that the beginning of something more????)
- Martha: Jim, I don't know how you do this" Jim: "Katie's been doing this for more than a decade now and I still get a clench in my gut"
- Jim: "She did say she felt safest when she's with your son" Martha: "and he said the same"
- Beckett doubts about her relationship with Castle
- But Castle convinces her and they kiss :)
- The mafia took Castle
- Beckett is worried, but the witness reassures her by saying: "He is going to be fine. He is smart. He is resourceful."
- Witness: "Trust me. Living your life right is so much better than worrying about the future."
- Twist: the witness turns on Beckett and grabs her gun
- Beckett and Castle hug after they solved the case

Now you are already super spoiled, you can take a look at all the sneak peeks, promo's on set pictures, interviews en spoilers for After Hours here.
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