Castle Cliff Notes: Swan Song

It continues to be a season of “firsts” for Castle and this week we got our first documentary style Castle equipped with a rocking new version of the theme.  While Beckett may have gotten used to being Castle’s muse and being portrayed in written form, she was definitely a little camera shy in her first “on camera” investigation.  New experiences lead to great moments though and this episode had plenty of memorable moments.  Here is this week’s Castle Cliff Notes!
5. Beckett’s Secret Place

I know this technically is not a Caskett moment but I loved it and was literally laughing out loud.  At the very end you think Beckett has warmed up the camera crew after telling them she isn’t the easiest person to get along with (flashback to the season two finale anyone?) and beckons them to follow her to a secret place that she likes to go that Castle doesn't even know about.  She leads them into a storage closet telling them to go to the back and then shuts the door on them but not before sticking her tongue out.  I love the playful side of Beckett and was happy to see her open up to the cameras by the end...even if she did lock them in a closet ;-).

4. 15 Minutes of Fame

Ok, ok...I know its not a 100% Caskett moment either but I’m taking a spot on the countdown this week to discuss how amazing the cast was in this documentary style episode.  Esposito and Ryan were hilarious with Espo trying to be the cool macho cop and Ryan playing the whole “nerve center” of the operation card.  I loved them playing off each other the whole episode and who didn't enjoy Esposito’s extra tight shirt?  A surprising event was how much Gates loved the camera. She frequently came out to speak to the camera and to show what an active role she takes at the precinct.  I think we are starting to see a more "fun" side of Gates this season.  Lanie was also hilarious calling Beckett to her office just to discuss basic results she could have easily reported over the phone.  And I'm pretty sure no one missed her ditching her usual scrubs for a more low cut top.   As expected, Castle thrived in the camera and took every moment he could to be in the spotlight while Beckett shied away from the cameras and displayed her slightly awkward side.  Every member of the 12th precinct wanted to get their 15 minutes of fame and I loved every second of it.

3. Caught in the Act

One benefit of the documentary cameras was glimpses into what Castle and Beckett think are private moments at the precinct.  First, while originally discussing the cameras presence Castle tells Beckett he wants the cameras to see "what he sees" when they film her which was a major "awww" moment for me.  Castle wants the world to see his tough as nails, crime fighting girlfriend and I love how proud he is of her. Later, while standing together Castle pushes a strand of hair behind Beckett’s ear and lets his hand linger on her cheek.  She accepts his gesture and leans into it (*sigh* so cute!) until she realizes the camera is focused on them.  Busted!  She quickly ends the “intimate” workplace moment and storms out of the room clearly frustrated with the cameras.  Talk about aggravating,  not only are you trying to keep your romance a secret at the precinct (besides their close friends) but even when you think you are alone you aren’t because of the cameras.  Also, to add to the frustration they find out Gates is having all of the precinct footage sent to her to review which will definitely include their little moment, yikes!  They are seen having a discussion with documentary crew which we can only assuming is about editing out that particular footage (this is confirmed later in the episode).  Cheer up Caskett, the cameras can’t follow you home right? J

2. Official Review

After seeing Caskett discussing what we assume to be the footage of their “busted” moment we are left wondering if Gates will see the footage as she reviews the tapes.  At the end of the episode they are called into Gates office about the reviewed footage with appears to be trouble for our favorite couple.  They both automatically think it will be the footage that blows the cover of their relationship but looks like they are saved again.  Gates shows them footage of her trying to give serious talk with Castle screwing around behind Gates while Beckett waits on the steps.  Gates is not pleased, but Castle and Beckett display relief when they realize she didn’t see THE footage.  Beckett mouths a thank you to the camera man and her and Castle exchange a mid-range high five before leaving the Captain’s office.  By the way, who knew high fives could be cute?  Looks like the universe is a Caskett shipper because so far everything seems to be working in their favor.

1.     Layers

Since the documentary crew was filming the entire case it was hard for us to get a lot of great Caskett moments but they had great individual moments and this one gave us a little insight into Castle’s relationship with Beckett.  While with Esposito, Castle tells the camera man that Detective Beckett “is not an unfriendly person, she’s just got walls…let’s call them layers.  Layers upon layers of...uh...well walls, but once you scale those walls the effort is worth it.”  Sounds like he is describing the journey of his personal relationship with Beckett and I’m confident that even an outsider would understand that there is something going on between them.  I definitely appreciate the compliment though and am extremely relieved he thought it was worth the wait to slowly scale the walls and see the real Kate Beckett.  Also, I think he knows there are still layers to go and I look forward to seeing how the show addresses these.  Being a girl of many “layers” myself I found it very sweet that he thought the effort was worth it and I think many guys and girls can learn from Castle on this one.  If someone is that important to you, they are always worth the wait.  If Castle didn’t follow this we probably wouldn’t have a Caskett today now would we?  Man who knew we could get a little relationship advice from Castle.


Another fun episode this week but not one of my favorites this season.  What do you guys think?  Did you enjoy the documentary or think Castle should stick to its usual format? Also, it looks like next week we might get a more serious vibe back (did you see that preview??) Join the discussion in the comments section below or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  We would love to hear from you!  It lets us know your reading J which makes us extremely happy!  We love talking Castle and nothing helps the week go by faster than a little fun discussion among fans!

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