Secret Santa: Will the secret be out? (spoilers)

Secret Santa is only 19 days away. In that episode we will see how Captain Gates will react on the Castle and Beckett's secret relationship, as there secret will be out then.

Andrew Marlowe confirmed to TVGuide that the secret will be out:

Any other hints about Castle's upcoming Christmas episode? — Melissa

 The episode, titled "Secret Santa," once again plays on the hush-hush relationship that Castle and Beckett have (pretty much unsuccessfully) tried to keep from their colleagues. But creator Andrew W. Marlowe confirms that the secret will officially be out soon. "We're going to move beyond it. There's only so much storytelling we can sustain," he says. "Capt. Gates is certainly the big issue. How is she going to react? Is that going to threaten the partnership?" So will that reveal be a Christmas gift to viewers or a big lump of coal? "[We] will be dealing with the good of the holiday season — and the bad," Marlowe teases.

How do you think Captain Gates will respond to the secret? Will she make sure Castle and Beckett can't work together anymore?
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