The Final Frontier: May Fortune Guide Her Journey EPISODE DETAILS (MEGA SPOILERS)

We want to warn you! 

Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

- Castle doesn't like the show Nebula 9, but does like the ship

- Beckett is a real fan of Nebula 9 (but she doesn't stutter when she meets the cast like when she did with Joe 'Freaking' Torre)
- Beckett dressed up as a character form Nebula 9, Cloe
- She also watched the episodes that weren't broadcasted on TV, but as webisodes
- Beckett was a frequent visitor of the Nebula 9 fan site 
- Beckett had multiple Nebula 9 outfits
- Beckett isn't ashamed she was/is a geek
- Castle asked Beckett to wear her Nebula 9 outfits for him
- Castle has merchandize of a life size Star Wars character in his bathroom, Bobba Fett
- Esposito is flirting with a girl in a leave costume
- Ryan and Esposito have to interview some pretty interesting characters 
- Beckett is not happy about Nebula 9 being mocked
- Castle and Beckett run into Alexis, dress like a female assassin (with a sexy outfit)
- Beckett will use an accent
- Beckett has the same (sexy) costume as Alexis was wearing
- There will be lasers pointed at Castle and Beckett's head (but don't worry, it aren't snipers)
- There will be references to a lot of Sci-Fi shows and movies, like Firefly, Watchmen, Star Wars and Star Trek
- Castle and Beckett are talking about babies!
- Castle is worried that his hair is thinning and if Beckett is still attracted to him then
- Beckett always dreamed about being on the spaceship of Nebula 9
- Beckett: "You're right it was a stupid show it was cheesy and melodramatic.. but Castle I also understand why people loved it, it's about leaving home for the first time, it's about about searching your identity. I loved dressing up  as lieutenant Chloe, it's like I could be anything and I didn't have to choose. So don't make fun okay?" Castle "Okay"
- Stephanie aka Lieutenant Cloe (her character in Nebula 9) is the killer
- Beckett is devastated that her favorite character turned out to be the killer
- Beckett will show her suit from Nebula 9 (and she looks quite hot)
- Beckett: "Castle, are we gonna make out?"
- Castle will be hiding in the bathroom
- Beckett will come look for him

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