Completed Castle Fan Countdown Challenge!

It’s finally here!  I gave you guys the challenge of sending me some of your favorite Castle moments and I was thrilled with the results.  You picked some really great ones so let’s get started!  These are organized by season and include a little rationale from the fans that chose them mixed with my thoughts and a video clip for a little refresher!  Enjoy!

Season 1

Why not start all the way back at “Flowers for Your Grave” (the pilot episode) where the magic started…
  • After finding out from Montgomery that Castle wants to base his next main character after her, Beckett is initially (hesitantly) flattered until she learns that he will have to do research and shadow her.  In one of my favorite (and highly accurate) quotes describing Castle, Beckett says “Sir, he is like a nine year old on a sugar rush.” @MyaHyland submitted this moment because she loves Castle’s smile after Montgomery tells Beckett that it is up to Castle how long he shadows her.  Definitely a playful smirk since he knows he is in control of how long he gets to hang out with her. J Great choice! (this scene starts at the 8:35 mark.. but blogger was acting up so you get the whole youtube video!)

  • The next pilot scene was submitted by two of our lovely followers @tvmusiclover and @77rocket and it would definitely be on my list as well!  They both love it when Castle and Beckett say goodbye after Kate turns down being one of his “conquests” and Castle tells Beckett “it’s too bad… it would have been great.”  Beckett, leaning in closer to Castle, replies with (say it with me everyone!) “You have no idea” and walks away leaving a speechless Castle.  @tvmusiclover also said that this was the exact moment she fell in love with the show and with Castle/Beckett and it’s easy to see why…I mean did you see that chemistry??? *sigh*

Season 2
  • Moving onto season two, @MyaHyland shared a great Lanie moment from 2x12 “A Rose for Everafter!”  Beckett is in the morgue with Lanie discussing a case involving Castle’s “lost love” and Lanie tells Beckett she has to be somewhat jealous especially since they work together and he writes steamy sex scenes about Nikki Heat (fantasies about Beckett yes?).  Beckett denies it and Lanie yells after her as she leaves the morgue “Honey, just because you can’t see what’s going on doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t see what’s going on!”  Mya loved this one because clearly we could definitely all see what was going on!  Also, Beckett’s “shut up” response was hilarious.  Seriously, just watch the clip for a little BFF love!

  • @77Rocket also had a favorite moment from season 2 episode 13 “Sucker Punch.”  Castle comes to apologize to Beckett and say he is done shadowing her because he overstepped his boundaries by looking into her mother’s case, which led to her shooting Coonan before finding out her mother’s killer.  Beckett tells him she wants him to stick around and help her find the killer saying “I gotten used to you pulling my pigtails.  I have a hard job Castle and having you around makes it a little more fun.”  Of course she threatens to shoot him if he tells anyone she said that, but at least we get to enjoy the sweet moment.  I love this choice because we actually got to see Beckett straight up tell Castle she enjoys spending time with him and we knew we were on our way to Caskett (…eventually)!

Season 3
  • First from 3x13, “Knockdown” Beckett is talking to Castle (aka Chuck Norris..just watch the video) in the back of an ambulance and she thanks him for “having her back in there” to which Castle replies “always.”  Now I know what you’re thinking… hey that’s not all the special they have thanked each other for that a few times but this was the FIRST time the word “always” was used by Caskett.  Excellent choice @77rocket!  This moment definitely deserves a spot on this list. Check out the video and relive the moment that changes the word “always” forever!  Also, as a side note: the song playing in the background is “Rise” by The Frames and it’s an amazing song with a lot of great emotion so check it out as well Caskett lovers!

  • No one did it, so I’m also taking it upon myself to add one of my favorites also from “Knockdown.”  I’ll give you one guess, and since you know I’m a huge Caskett shipper I’m sure you know what it is… that’s right its Castle and Beckett’s first "kiss!"  And I don’t care what anyone says, they may have been “acting” but that kiss was enjoyed by both parties!  Ok, there are really no words to describe this so just watch it already!

  • The last season three moment, also from @77rocket, comes from episode 3x21 “The Dead Pool.”  In case you need a little refresher, during this episode Castle brings an up and coming mystery author who he helped get published, Alex Conrad, to come shadow Beckett with him.  Castle was initially fine with the idea of him shadowing Beckett but then gets jealous of the time that Conrad and Beckett spend together.  Castle says he wants her all to himself and doesn't want to share her with another author, which Beckett finds sweet.  She reassures him she will not be hanging out with Conrad anymore, and then delivers the famous line “I’m a one writer girl.”  We also get an “always” from Kate!!!  And for the record Espo… it is a little weird for a “dude” to be a muse. Check it out below!

Season 4
  • Our first twitter submitted season 4 moment comes from episode 4x20 “The Limey.”  Season 4 was getting pretty heavy at this point and we were all happy to see a little girl time between Lanie and Beckett.  Discussing how Castle was acting differently lately, Beckett says it seems like Castle is pulling away and Lanie tells her he is probably tired of waiting.  Beckett says “waiting for what?” but we can know she’s not totally clueless and Lanie calls her out on it telling her she is crazy about him.  When Beckett looks confused, Lanie says “oh what, was that supposed to be some big secret?” and Beckett says “Yes…no…do you think he knows?”  @MyaHyland loved this because Beckett doesn't deny she is crazy about Castle.  I can’t help but love insecure Beckett who is clearly in love since I acted the same way before I dated my fiancé!

  • In episode 4x22 “Undead Again” most Castle fans were in a panic about the future of our favorite crime solving duo after “Headhunters” but Castle managed to get some laughs out of us.  @MyaHyland loved it when Castle said “Our killers a zombie!” and then proceeded to high five a random 12th precinct employee and wished she could have been that girl!  I’m with you Mya, I would have loved to be a part of that scene and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t rewatch this a few times!

  • If I were a betting person, before I even sent out the requests for Castle moments I would have put my money on this next moment making the countdown.  @MyaHyland and Castillions everywhere were on the edges of their seat when Kate showed up at Castle’s door at the end of 4x23 “Always.”  Not that I need to remind you, but Castle answers his door and asks Beckett what she wants and she responds “you.” Mya’s favorite moment was when Beckett tells Castle “I almost died and all I could think about was you.  I just want you.” *Cue boom of thunder and amazing Caskett make out session followed by a trip to the bedroom* Yup…I re-watched this clip about 1,000 times after it happened (#notashamed) and it was also a favorite of @TwelfthPrecinct.

Season 5
  • Ok, we covered Caskett’s first kiss but how about the morning after? First off, I wish my morning hair looked a great as Kate Beckett’s (not to mention it was soaked from the rain the night before) @MyaHyland’s final favorite Castle moment was Castle’s beaming grin after Beckett tells him it’s not just a one time thing for her in 5x01 “After the Storm”.  The whole scene is just Caskett greatness! Of course though, all good things Caskett are eventually interrupted by someone (I think this is a law right?) and Martha ends the fun, but it’s still a great scene and the perfect way to start season 5!

  • Ending the countdown we have a scene from 5x05 “Probable Cause.” The particular case involves jewelry and Beckett tells Ryan that they might find fingerprints on the jewelry itself.  Castle says “jewelry, I never would have thought of that.” and Beckett says “I guess I’ll have to remind you when my birthday’s coming up.”  Castle responded with “why Detective Beckett was that a hint you just dropped?” and @MissLLLL loved Beckett’s adorable response of “Why Mr. Castle, I do believe it was.” Its official, no one can resist the Caskett charm… they are just ridiculously cute together!

12th Precinct Picks!

Alright just to add a few more clips in I decided to include the favorites of some of the 12th’s contributors!  Enjoy!
  • From episode 2x21 “Den of Thieves” @TwelfthPrecinct loves the scene at the end when Espo is introducing Castle and Ryan to his old partner.  This is the first time you can really see Castle is “one of the guys and part of the team.”  Be prepared for a little bromance! **I apologize but I couldn't find a clean clip of this one and didn't want to embed a whole episode so I had to do an external link!

  • @dtrekker aka our awesome Agent Angie wanted to make sure I included her favorite clip from episode 3x11 “Nikki Heat.”  She loves it when Beckett says “she took my coffee Castle!” because as Angie said the real translation here is “she’s stealing my not-yet-boyfriend under my own nose!” Love it!

  • Who could forget the Freezer scene from 3x17 “Countdown?”  @TwelfthPrecinct and I chose this moment and I know I never get sick of watching it.   What I would do to hear Beckett finish the sentence “I just want you to know how much I …” Love you?  Yup!

  • One of my personal favorite moments from season 4 is in episode 4x06 “Demons.”  Castle stops by Beckett’s apartment to go over their case and he thinks that the house that the murder occurred in is haunted.  Beckett wants to go in the morning but Castle wants to go now…unless she is afraid.  Kate Beckett afraid of a haunted house?  Yea right, she “ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”  I couldn’t pass up on a cross between Castle and Ghostbusters, plus she says it just for Castle, that counts for something right?

Well that's the end!  Thanks to everyone who sent in moments and all of the readers!  It was really interesting to see everyone’s favorite moments because while some were clear favorites, each fan had a unique one as well.  This was a lot of fun to put together and I hope you enjoyed watching all the clips as much as I did.  Castle Cliff Notes will be back on January 7th when Castle returns and keep checking in with @TwelfthPrecinct for the latest Castle news!

Until then, keep calm and watch Castle!

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