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I don’t think words can explain how excited I was for Castle’s first Christmas themed episode and it couldn't have come at a better time.  Not only did we get to see the loft all decorated (in only a way that the Castle family can) and a new Holiday Castle intro, but we got to see the very first Caskett Christmas!  If this episode didn't put you in the holiday spirit I don’t know what will, so let’s get started with the Christmas Cliff Note countdown.

5.  Iron Gate’s Nemesis

Ok, I am officially in love with Gates this season.  She is continuing to make me laugh while maintaining her kiss ass, yes sir vibe.  During the whole episode we hear her complaining about her mother in law staying with her, and how she is on a mission to make her feel inferior (hard to believe that’s possible).  She offers advice to Ryan (really stressing the staying at a hotel point) and even states she hates the holidays which makes Castle compare her to the Grinch (oddly enough she was sporting green eye shadow the whole time.. coincidence?).  Continuing with well placed comments, she catches Espo holding the lingerie Jenny sent Ryan (“lets finish up this hoochie coochie thing and get on with it”) and she tells Beckett that if she happens to receive a report of a homicide at her house tonight she should just ignore it.  Honestly, the more I’m seeing this side of Gates the more I want to see how she responds to finding out Castle and Beckett are an item (unless she breaks them up of course…). How do you think she will respond now?  Does she see their ability to maintain professionalism or will she play by the rule book and break them up?

4. Blue Christmas

Castle’s enthusiasm for the Christmas spirit was so infectious it was hard to believe Beckett didn't seem to be as excited about it as he was.  As an audience, we could sense her insecurity about the whole thing when he was going on about his loft and said “wait till you see my train set” and she responded with a cautious “yea…can’t wait.”  Later, in a very playful tone, Castle says “I was thinking tomorrow night perhaps we should have a Christmas movie marathon, or some other kind of marathon that makes life wonderful…”  Sounds good to Caskett shippers everywhere, but from the look on Beckett’s face we can tell she doesn't share the same mutual excitement and breaks the news to Castle that she can’t make it to the loft to spend Christmas Eve with him because she has to work.  She claims she couldn't get out of it because she couldn't tell Gates they were together but Castle tells her he understands. The look on Castle’s face when she told him she wouldn't be spending Christmas with him was heartbreaking and it was truly like watching a child get excited about a particular present and then not getting it.  To add insult to injury, Castle’s family appears to be bailing on him too, but Alexis tells him he will be ok because he has Beckett.  *sigh* We can only imagine what they would do with an empty house on Christmas Eve at this point.  I really liked this moment because I think it reminded us that Beckett still has some of her walls and while Castle may be breaking through some of them she still has secrets she doesn't want him to know.  Luckily for us we do get to find out her secret and it made a later spot on the countdown.

3. Javi’s Holiday Woes

While it seemed like everyone had Christmas plans (whether they like them or not… yea I’m talking about you Gates!) Espositio was left all alone for the holidays.  First, he asked Ryan if they were going to do their usual Madden video game playing while drinking a 6 pack but Ryan declines stating that Jenny had plans (which we later find out involved sexy Santa lingerie and trying for a baby).  Next up, he visits Lanie in the morgue but she already has plans and doesn't want them to be a sad desperate holiday hook up.  She does shed some light for Esplanie fans though telling Esposito that after the holidays die down if he still wants to get together to give her a call. Also, this has nothing to do with Espo’s holiday plans but how hilarious was the scene where he was fighting the Santa armed with a giant candy cane?!?!  And ending it with “Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight?”  Perfect!  Ok back to the story… after convincing Ryan that he is ready to start a family Javier decides to return the stolen clock back to Beth and he acquires Christmas plans of his own when she invites him to eat dinner with her family.  I was so happy to see Javi get a happy holiday ending and we all have renewed hope for Esplanie!  Pretty successful episode if you ask me J

2.  Breaking Down More Walls

Castle, trying to continue spreading Christmas joy, decides to try and get Beckett off having to work so he presents Gates with a gift to try and persuade her to take Beckett off the schedule.  Instead, she informs him that Beckett volunteered to work the shift so another cop could be home with his family.  This reminded me of Castle learning that Beckett remembered everything from the shooting (expect on a much smaller scale of course) and they even started their discussion of the whole thing with a general subtle conversation initially about people other than themselves.  Castle expressed that “sometimes people do inexplicable thing,” but Beckett insists “there’s an explanation for everything.”  Castle reveals that he knows she volunteered to take the holiday shift and seems offended telling her that if she wasn't ready to spend Christmas with him she should just tell him. Beckett apologizes and tells Castle that Christmas means something different to her than it does to him.  She even talks about her mother’s case and how it was so close to Christmas and once her dad put away the Christmas decorations they never came out again.  So every year she has taken the Christmas shift so that she can watch over families celebrating Christmas.  Once again, Castle expresses his understanding and it appears that we have slowly seen another wall come down.  Like Castle said in Swan Song, Beckett has many layers and I continue to love how we are “peeling” away at them to get to her core.  And how about how sweet and understanding Castle was during this whole episode?  If you would have asked me season one if he was capable of this I would have laughed, but his character has developed so much and become a better person because of his time at the 12th and with Kate.

1.  New Traditions

If you have been reading each week you know how much I love a happy ending, which is why this secured a #1 spot on the last countdown of 2012.  Castle gets his traditional Christmas Eve dinner with Alexis and Martha and they both even cancel their plans to stay in all night.  Turns out Castle is the one to break tradition and he states that there is somewhere he needs to be and goes to leave but there is a surprise at his door.  A surprised Kate Beckett is standing there (I’m really starting to love the front door of the loft by the way… good things happen there) and Castle tells her he was just coming to see her.  Turns out Karpowski (who is my new favorite cop) covered Beckett’s shift for her and she decided she should start a new tradition.  Castle expresses his readiness to start a new tradition too and they share a sweet moment, kissing in front of his beautiful Christmas tree.  Castle tells Beckett he didn't get her anything for Christmas (as she insisted the whole episode) and Beckett quickly says “what??” We can assume everything is ok though as they share another sweet moment in front of the tree.  I was so excited to finally get a kiss after the failed moment under the mistletoe, but I guess they were at work and have to keep it professional.  Well there you have it, with a little Christmas magic our couple got to be together for the holidays and we can assume they had a wonderful Christmas!

Such a fun episode to kick off the month of December and put everyone in the holiday mood.  What was your favorite holiday moment and what do you think about everyone’s holiday plans?  Join the discussion in the comments section below or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  We would love to hear from you (comments and tweets are the best Christmas presents)!  Next week I’ll have a fun holiday Caskett activity to help ease our way into the New Year and help us get through this hiatus but for now Happy Holidays from Castle Cliff Notes!

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