Castle Cliff Notes: Death Gone Crazy

If you were on twitter during this episode you probably saw the trend of #Castlegonecrazy.  I loved this hashtag and thought it was a good descriptor of the episode.  While it wasn’t a typical Castle episode full of Caskett moments and lots of drama it did have a lot of fun elements we haven’t seen in a while like protective dad Castle, Ryan/Espo banter, and Martha in a crazy outfit out of an 70's/80’s workout video!  Could you ask for more?  Not to mention a killer promo for the next episode.  Before we get to that though we have to recap this week’s episode so let’s get the countdown rolling!

5.  A Father’s Unconditional Love
Okay, while this episode didn’t have many Caskett moments, the very last scene was super sweet.  Beckett asks Castle if he thinks Candice’s dad will be able to accept his grandchild since Beau was the father.  Castle responds with “absolutely” but Beckett still wasn’t sold on the idea.  “What makes you so sure?”  Castle reassures her saying “Because a father would do anything for his daughter.”  Kate thinks about it for a second and then lets a cute, shy smile escape.  In my world she was thinking of a few things right there.  1) Possibly her own dad and how he has been there for her. 2) How Castle has always been such a great father for Alexis.  Which is enough to make us all go “awwww,” but my final theory is my personal favorite. 3) She is thinking about future Caskett babies and how Castle will always be a great father no matter what happens.  While all three options are great and make me go “awwwww”  I love 3!  It’s always nice to know the man you love would be a great father.  Regardless, you can’t help but smile when you think of Castle in dad mode and it’s nice to know Kate likes it too.

4.  Sorry Esposito, Not Tonight
Esposito finally gets to go out for drinks with Scarlett and we see them sitting at a bar enjoying each other’s company and a few drinks.  Esposito asks her if she wants to sit down and eat or get another drink but Scarlett suggests continuing their conversation at her place.  Clearly excited about the opportunity to get to know this “kinky” girl a little better, Esposito and Scarlett turn to leave the bar but are stopped by Beckett.  Kate says “or better yet, why don’t we continue this conversation at my place.”  The look on Esposito’s face was priceless and I’m sure Esplanie fans were rejoicing everywhere!  Espo looked like a sad puppy that just had his favorite toy taken away and I couldn’t decide if Kate was actually enjoying breaking up his date or just strictly business. Excellent timing Beckett, I’m sure Lanie will thank you later.

3. Distracted
In the past, it has mainly been Castle who is caught admiring beautiful women and getting distracted by the attractive people around him.  This always baffled me considering he worked side by side with Beckett but we’ve been ranting about that since the series started so I won’t open topic again!  In a nice role change, Castle and Beckett walk in on the filming of “College Guys Gone Nuts” that involves half naked guys dancing in Tarzan-esque outfits.  Beckett was a little distracted by the solid six packs in front of her when Castle starts talking to the head of the project, Seth, and Castle quickly picks up on it.  He starts by saying “We’re not here about your dancers Mr. Brown” before noticing Beckett who is clearly ogling the guys and adding in “ARE WE…” to catch Kate’s attention.  Zoning back into the conversation Beckett says “right... no we’re here about Beau.”  Smooth K-Becks but it looks like all those moments of scolding Castle for looking at other females finally caught up to you.  Can’t say I blame her though… those were some nice abs!

2.  Middle School Humor
Esposito and Ryan once again had a lot of funny short scenes in this episode that I found hilarious.  First, after finding out the murder weapon was a bra, Esposito asks Ryan “Yo, how’s the inbreastigation going?”  Ryan looks at him with a serious look on his face and says “…and that’s why you’re still single.”  I about died with Ryan’s response considering Esposito’s question was something you would expect from a teenage kid, which makes me love him more, but their banter didn’t stop here.  Later, while Beckett is interrogating Scarlett, Esposito says “did you hear that? She broke his nose.”  Clearly not as impressed Ryan says “yea so?” and Esposito, acting like Ryan is insane, says “so... that’s hot!”  Ryan continuing with his confusion towards Espo’s behavior says “who are you?” I guess it has been a while since we’ve seen a little Espo flirting but Ryan’s reaction to all of his comments were cracking me up. I mean really, getting turned on because she broke a guy’s nose?  Not my thing but go for it Espo! Sorry, Esplanie fans, Espo was clearly into Scarlett during this episode but don’t worry, I’m still sailing on the Esplanie ship myself and have faith!

1.  “Wrap me in bubble wrap and hide me in a cave”
Castle in “father mode” produces some of the great moments on this show and tonight’s episode was full of them.  The episode opens with Castle letting out a scream (shriek? That might be the better word for it!) prompting Martha to enter his study. Let’s pause here to recognize how only Martha could rock that crazy outfit. Ok, continuing… Castle tries to cover saying that he was “googling” himself (yea right buddy…) and happened to stumble upon a video blog of Alexis titled “Confessions of a Columbia Freshman.”  On it she talks about a date with Max and how she pretended to be unsteady while ice skating to get him to help her and to catch her when she fell.  Classic move Alexis, I love it!  Martha tries to tell Castle it’s harmless and that the camera loves her, which Martha takes credit for, but Castle isn’t buying it.  Beckett tries to tell him it’s all harmless and could be a lot worse; she could be on College Girls Gone Crazy.  Touché Beckett… Touché.  Later at the precinct, Castle does talk to Alexis about the V-log and tells her that even though it is “super cute” she needs to be cautious of what she posts on the web because he doesn’t want it to haunt her in the future especially if the wrong person sees it.  Alexis is clearly annoyed saying that Castle thinks she is “catnip for predators online” and accusing him of not trusting her before leaving.  She comes back later though because she hates fighting with her dad and they both agree that she can live her life while Castle will continuing worrying, caring, and reminding her that she is wrong.  Foreshadowing maybe?  I’m currently spoiler free (going on 2 weeks and it’s been really hard!!) but this would make for an excellent future episode set up!

Not the most action packed episode we have ever seen but still not bad.  I enjoyed the Castle/Alexis story line and all the fun interactions between Espo and Ryan. Would you include different moments or have a different #1? Also, how about the promo for the next episode?!?!  INTENSE! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle and the new promo!  We need a little something to get us through next week’s hiatus until the new episode! 

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