Death Gone Crazy: Episode details (MEGA SPOILERS)

Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

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- Beau Randolph from Head Case is the murder victim (remember him?)
- As we already saw in a sneak peek, Castle isn't happy with the Vlog (video blog) from Alexis
- Beckett gives Castle advice about the vlog
- When entering the crime scene where a lot of young girl are, Beckett says to Castle: "It's alright to look, Castle." 
- Beckett has some hair porn going on again
- This time there won't be a murder investigation, but a murder inbreastigation: Esposito: "Yo, how's the imBREASTigation going?" Ryan: "And that's why you're still single."
- For the 2nd time in a row, the episode seems to be a little more focused on Esposito. Until now not much Caskett
- Beckett looks great in her red outfit
- Esposito: "Oooh did you hear that? She broke his nose?" 
Ryan: "So?
Esposito: "So, that's hot!"
Ryan: "Who are you?"
- Esposito asked Scarlet Jones (Kelly Hu) out for a date (is Esplanie over for good??)
- While Beckett and Castle are going to a suspect male strippers started dancing
- Beckett is looking at the strippers, Castle looks at Beckett
- Beckett and Espo are talking about Espo's date, like brother and sister
- Suspect: "You ever have sex in a club? Hot, dirty?" You can see Beckett and Castle both picturing how it would be to have sex in a club.
- Scarlet Jones invited Espo back over to her place
- Espo: "She's hot. She's badass. She's perfect. Why does she have to be the bad guy?"
Ryan: "Sorry to cockblock you, bro."
- Beckett is questioning Espo's date, Scarlet Jones (Kelly Hu)
- But she isn't the killer
- Hardly any Caskett moments, but there is a Castle and Alexis moment
- Beau Randolph made a girl pregnant
- It seems like the Vlog from Alexis will be a set-up for the upcoming two-parter in February
- Beckett: "What makes you so sure?" 
Castle "Because a father will do anything for his daughter." Beckett: Smiles :)
- The camera man is the killer

And as predicted, there wasn't a Canadian promo
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