Death Gone Crazy: Sneak Peek At The Sneak Peeks

Castle Examiner has taken a peek to the upcoming sneak peeks for Death Gone Crazy. Read here what they could tell us about it already:

Sneak peek videos of "Castle" episode 5x12 have been released today on Jan. 18, and it looks like the theme of the episode might be centering on privacy, and what can happen when you put too much out there in the world and it gets in the wrong hands. If you can't wait for the videos to be made available, let this tide you over in the meantime.
"No, Mother, I didn't- I just- I was...I was Googling myself and I found this!"
"Oh! I didn't know Alexis had a website!"
"Neither did I. It's a vlog. A video blog." which Alexis posts, what Castle has deemed "personal, intimate details about her life" with the whole world. In actuality, all she really talks about is how she went ice skating with Max and "pretended" she was "unsteady on her skates" so that he would catch her. Martha, of course, finds the whole thing adorable and says that the camera loves her ("Of course, she gets that from me.") Castle, on the other hand, is not impressed, at all.
"It's alright to look, Castle."
"Look at what?"
In the next clip, we have Castle and Beckett arriving at the Girls Gone Crazy crime scene, to which Castle momentarily reminisces about Beau Randolph and the case of the frozen head and how the world hasn't changed much for the guy since then, to which Beckett replies "Except that he's no longer in it." Yup, Beau is our murder victim, and turns out he was strangled to death by a pricey 36D bra that Lanie estimates is worth $200-$250. Cue Esplanie bickering over the cost of a bra versus the cost of sneakers, and it ends with Castle warning Espo to "Eject."
Third sneak is this one right here with Kelly Hu.
And lastly, we have Castle back at the Precinct trying to warn Alexis over her vlog. Apparently Martha already tipped her off that her father wasn't so thrilled over it. "You think I'm catnip for predators online," Alexis says. Castle says he doesn't want her to be haunted by something she posts online on a whim, to which Alexis responds he's acting like she's one of the Girls Gone Crazy women, that he's "always pushing her to put herself out there and experiment and have fun", but refuses to trust her in the end. The scene ends with Alexis refusing to discuss it further. She tells Beckett, who pops up in the doorway just at that moment, "No, stay. I'm leaving."
Stay tuned for the actual sneak peeks as they're made available online.
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