Death Gone Crazy: Will Esplanie Get Back Together?

Only the weekend is still in the way before it is a new Castle Monday. Next Monday Death Gone Crazy will be broadcast. In that episode Esposito will like a girl a lot, who he has to interview. Does this mean the end of Esplanie? Or will Lanie get jealous enough, she finally decided that she wants Espo back?

TVLine has some news for us about that:

Do you have an Esplanie scoop for us Castle fans? –Marine
Jon Huertas has plenty to say about Kelly Hu’s imminent drop-by, which I’m saving for Monday. For now, I’ll relay his belief that it’s Lanie “who needs to put up or shut up” in that off-and-on relationship. “She’s the one who pushed Esposito away, when the whole marriage conversation came up, and she’s the one who’s all about the booty call and keeping it not so serious,” he noted. “So it’s her that needs to put up or shut up.” And if she did? “Esposito would probably say, ‘I’m down with that.’” Looking beyond Hu’s Monday visit, Huervas shared this: “There’s some stuff coming up with Lanie, that we’ll see in a different episode.”
I have tried to find out the identity of an unacknowledged actress on Castle. She was mentioned once as “Officer Johnson,” she has been in the background in most of the squad room shots, she originally had short red hair and is now a blond, and she seems to be their “go to” for reaction shots. –Susan
I love a good mystery as much as Rick himself, so I did some gumshoe detective work (meaning: sent a few emails) and came up with a prime suspect: Soaps vet Schae Harrison!
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