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After what seemed like an eternity, Castle is finally back which means it’s time for the first Castle Cliff Notes of 2013!  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and are ready for the fun and challenges that the New Year will bring.  Speaking of challenges… let’s start talking about this week’s episode “Significant Others.”

5.  I’m Going To Make This Up To You

            At the beginning of the episode we learn that Kate is staying at Castle’s loft while her place is being fumigated, and the best part… it’s revealed that Kate asked to stay there! Castle offers to get Kate a hotel room since Alexis is home sick with mono but Beckett refuses.  She tells Castle “no I’m not going to leave you just because your daughter is sick.”  Awwww, I love that Beckett shows that she doesn't let little things ruin her time with Castle and still enjoys just spending time with him.  Also, I got the vibe that she enjoys Castle’s fatherly side and it’s nice to see that she understands the responsibility of taking care of a sick kid (you know… for future Caskett kiddies).  Castle tells her “I’m going to make this up to you in so many ways” which we are all left to fantasize about.  Kate’s grin was so cute when he said this and she and I clearly both couldn't hide our excitement with this statement because we were both smiling. I’m a sucker for little, cute Caskett moments… what can I say.

4. Kitten…is back

The entire episode, Castle is trying to correct his mistake of allowing Meredith to stay at the loft and at one point goes as far as to arrange a hotel room for him and Beckett.  Not just any hotel room though, the Ambassador Suite at the 4 Seasons complete with a Jacuzzi and all the romantic details.  He tries to sell it to Kate saying that his loft is overrun with redheads so they should go enjoy themselves but Kate doesn't seem thrilled. She thinks that Meredith should be the one at the hotel (couldn't agree more), but Castle said it seemed heartless to send Meredith to a hotel because she just wanted to be there for Alexis.  Oops… looks like Castle forgot the small little detail that he just asked Beckett to stay at a hotel and Beckett responds with “Really Castle? Because you just tried sending me to one.”  He tries to tell her its different (I’m thinking Meredith wouldn't have got the romantic additions…) but Beckett’s not having it. “Button up kitten, we’re going home!”  I love, love, love sassy Beckett and that she brought out the “kitten” name again!  Also, in case you didn't catch it, she called the loft home!  Double win = spot on the countdown…Kitten!

3. You’re Not the Man I Thought I Knew

I know there’s a lot of hate for Meredith but this scene was classic.  Castle was super worried about Beckett going out to dinner with Meredith, and was anxiously awaiting their return.  Upon entering the loft you hear Beckett say “my god Meredith, Castle did that?  I can’t believe that you married him!”  Castle immediately panics saying “what can’t you believe?! Beckett there two sides to that story…” following by crazy rambling as he tries to figure out what exactly Meredith told her.  Meredith says she told Beckett “the truth” and Beckett, with a very serious expression, says “Castle you’re not the man that I thought I knew.”  Panicking again, he starts saying “I’m the man you thought you knew…” and other reassuring phrases but Beckett and Meredith both start laughing at their prank.  Looks like the ladies had a good time at dinner, but Beckett and Meredith both excuse themselves to go to their respective bedrooms.  Following Kate into his, Castle apologizes again for Meredith and wants to know everything she told Kate.  Kate admits that as much as she would like to keep torturing him, she actually likes him a little more now and they begin kissing.  The phone rings, which Castle tells Beckett to let go to voice mail (I love kiss/talking by the way…) but unfortunately the kiss is broken by the precinct calling.  Super cute scene and it was great to actually see Beckett and Meredith getting along even if I still hate her.  Team Beckett all the way!  

2.  BOOM!

Everyone was so fantastic in this episode, but Esposito and Ryan were too much to handle in this scene and I couldn't stop re-watching it.  After Meredith invites Beckett to dinner and she accepts (because she doesn't want to appear insecure) Castle asks Espo and Ryan if it is as bad as it seems.  Esposito replies with “No it is much worse…much, much worse.”  Castle asks them to take a step back and think about the whole situation concluding that it is “just dinner.”  Ryan disagrees though and he and Esposito deliver one of my favorite bromance moments ever and it went a little something like this…

Ryan: “Just dinner between your ex-wife and your new girlfriend… that’s deadly.  Castle you have two worlds.”
Esposito “TWO”
Ryan: “Right now they’re coming together”
Esposito: “Uh-Oh!”
Ryan: What happens when two worlds collide?”
Esposito: “BOOM!”

Esposito then asks Castle if there is anything Meredith knows about him that he doesn't want Beckett to know and based on the look on his face, heck yes there is!  I’m can’t resist Espo/Ryan bromance and I love it when they give Castle a hard time so this definitely secured a high spot on my countdown!

1.  Everybody Has a Dark Side

Ok, I had to watch this episode the next day due to a crazy Monday schedule, but my twitter feed was blowing up about this final scene.  Some people hated it, some people loved it… and honestly... I LOVED it!  Let’s set up the scene first, then I’ll explain my reasoning.  Beckett packs up to leave Castle’s loft (by the way...smallest suitcase ever!  Did she only pack lingerie??), but Castle is reluctant to let her leave.  Beckett asks him if he actually wants her there because he “wants her there” or if he just wants her there to protect her from the redheads at his house.  He admits it’s a little of both and Beckett sweetly tells him if they become too much for him he can come stay at her place.  Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on your thoughts) Meredith picks this exact moment to leave right as Caskett are about to kiss because Alexis wants her to enjoy Paris for the both of them.  With a little encouragement from Martha (who was great in this episode) Castle tells Meredith to go but she has Castle get her purse for her leaving Meredith and Beckett alone to talk. Beckett admits she was worried Meredith had a secret agenda when she came to stay at the loft, but Meredith says her only agenda was to check out her and Rick as a couple since Alexis said it was serious.  Added bonus:  She thinks they are great together!  Let me recap that for you… Caskett is a serious relationship and Meredith likes them together (she is an actress though!) Don’t be fooled though, the deep fried twinkie isn't playing nice.  Beckett asks Meredith why it didn't work out between her and Castle and she says that one day she realized he knew everything about her (enough to fill a million novels) but she didn't know enough about him to write a pamphlet.   Clearly she was trying to get to Beckett because her and Castle are in the same boat and maybe she’s a little jealous that Beckett does have novels about her and dedicated to her.  She definitely succeeded though because Kate looked a little insecure at the end of the episode. So far, we had seen many of Kate’s darkest moments and secrets and watched as Castle helped break her wall broke down (or peeled away her layers if you prefer) but are yet to see any of Castle’s layers.  So why did I absolutely love this moment?  Because I think the writers of Castle are genius! This was an amazing set up to begin the adventure into Castle’s past and make Caskett’s relationship even stronger.  Have faith Caskett fans, this is going to be a bumpy but extremely rewarding ride as every relationship is!

In case you couldn't tell, I really loved this episode and thought it set up a potential story line for future episodes and seasons well.  What did you think?  Do you still hate the deep fried Twinkie and think her staying at the loft was like “throwing gasoline on fireworks”?  Or do you think this is just the beginning of peeling away Rick’s layers?  Would you include different moments or have a different #1? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  I would love to hear from you and discuss your Castle theories and thoughts!  Don’t be shy; your tweets keep me going and I love meeting Castle fandom!

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