Significant Others: Episode details (MEGA SPOILERS)

We want to warn you! 

Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

- Kate isn't very happy that Castle let Meredith stay in his place
- Beckett even refuses the offer that Castle would make coffee for her
- "Men are clueless" "Men? Or you mean Castle?" Kate and Lanie talking
- Castle gets "The look" from Beckett. She really isn't happy about Castle's ex, to put it nicely
- You guys will love this episode. Beckett is so jealous!
- Beckett: "Next person, to break anything, goes to jail."
- Castle did something special to make it up to Beckett: He booked a suite in a hotel for them both! 
- There are strawberries, chocolate, a jacuzzi and champagne involved
- Castle is called kitten again by Beckett
- Beckett doesn't want to go to the hotel unfortunately. She thinks Meredith should be the one who has to go to a hotel
- Kate was making coffee for her and Castle, when Meredith comes out of bed and pisses off Becket even more
- Beckett is upset about that Meredith feels so at home at Castle's place and knows things about him, she doesn't know
- Meredith called Beckett on her phone
- She wants to go out to dinner with Beckett alone
- Ryan and Espo are making Castle paranoid about the date between his girlfriend and his ex-wife
- Beckett: Castle what are you worried about? It's just two people coming together you became intimate with, comparing notes."
- Beckett: "Don't wait up!" "I have a dinner date with your ex-wife, remember?"
- Beckett and Meredith got Castle! They were teasing him! Beckett: "Castle, you are not the man, I thought I knew."
- CASTLE AND BECKETT KISSED (longest Caskett kiss till so far)
- Beckett: "As long as we are together, Meredith will never stay here again. K?"
- Beckett is great tonight! "Do you want me here because you actually want me here or do you want me to protect you from the redheads?"
- Meredith thinks Beckett and Castle are great together
- It seems like Kate is even more in love with Castle now

More to come...
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