Stana's Birthday Project 2013

@Anth3aG has organized a project for Stana's upcoming birthday.

Read here what she is planning to do and participate!!

I am making a cookbook for Stana's birthday. I am trying to reach as many fans as possible for this so please tweet about this and maybe make a post on tumblr? 
People need to send me 1 or 2 recipes, ( breakfast, brunch, on the go,lunch, dinner (entree, mains) deserts, drinks quick meals. Include a photo of the recipe and put in American measurements for Stana's convenience. 
Then include a message of no more then 200 words to stana saying why u like the recipe and thanking her or whatever you like. 
Lastly include a picture of yourself (optional) it is completely up to you!
Send all this to me (Anthea) and before march 1
I have a program to make all this into a published book so it looks very professional. 
I have asked tamala if she would like to get involved with this and contribute some recipes and if she could present the book to Stana on behalf of all of us. Hopefully she will respond. Also can you please email your ideas for recipes before you send them in so there are no double ups.
Thank you for helping out and i will be sending photos of the finished product to everyone involved!
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  1. Would do anything to help! I wish I can find that perfect recipe for her too! Go girl this idea of yours is beyond Awesome!