Target And Hunt: Castle And Beckett Will Be Visiting Europe

After the casting news, for who will play Castle's dad, earlier today, we have some more exciting news about the upcoming two-parter, episode 15 and 16 (Target and Hunt):

I'm looking for Castle scoop on the two-parter, please. — C. Stewart, via Twitter
 This awesome news wasn't enough? Fine, I'll let Jon Huertas share some more secrets. "Something crazy that I think people will be just so blown away by is that we're going to work with an FBI agent. That never happens," a cheeky Huertas says with a laugh. In all seriousness, the case, which involves the kidnapping of a Middle Eastern businessman's daughter, will be truly international. "It takes part of the team out of the country to Europe, which is something we've never done," Huertas says. Unfortunately, don't expect a romantic night out in Paris for Beckett and Castle, the latter of which will find his life in danger. "This two-parter is very scary for the team," Huertas says.


To which country do you think/hope Caskett will go to?
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