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If you were on Twitter or Tumblr at all this week chances are you saw a lot of discussion about this week’s episode “Under the Influence.”  I was actually surprised by the amount of negativity circulating around this episode and the lack of overall interest which leads to my one soap box comment of the week.  I apologize in advance if anyone disagrees or is offended but it’s just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt and feel free to discuss it with me. Castle is an ensemble cast show and features a lot of great characters and talented actors.  If you read Cliff Notes on a weekly basis you know I LOVE Caskett as much as anyone but the fact that people were dismissing this episode just because it was not Caskett centered, and they thought it looked “boring” was crazy to me.  Every Castle episode serves a purpose and getting background on the supporting characters opens up entirely new, fresh story-lines   So have faith in the show and keep the ratings up!  Ok, stepping off my soapbox now!  I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you guys did too!  Maybe you were even presently surprised by the episode J  Okay, enough complaining; let’s get on with the countdown!

5.  NYPD Calendar
You’re going to learn really fast in this countdown that I loved the story-line between Esposito and Joey.  Starting off the countdown I have a lighter moment that occurred after Beckett didn't have luck getting information from Joey.  Esposito tells her he wants a shot at it and he walks in to talk to Joey who asks “Hey, where’s the super hot detective?” Don’t get me wrong Joey, Beckett’s gorgeous (understatement of the century) but if I had to be interrogated I wouldn't mind Detective Esposito being the one to do it.  Espo, always quick with his wit responds “oh, you’re looking at him, don’t lie I was featured in the NYPD calendar.”  Umm…where can I get a copy of that?  Joey doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm though sarcastically saying “I bet that was a big seller.”  Come on Joey, even guys aren't immune to the sexy ways of Javier!


4. You’re Alright for a Cop
At the end of the episode, Espo meets up with Shane at his usual bar location.  He approaches him and says “this is my gun, and this one will be yours.  You ever go near Joey or any other kid ever again the story’s gonna go like this: You pulled that piece on me and I had to defend myself so I killed you, you understand me? Or should we play out that story right here right now?”  The authority in his voice was so strong and I had goosebumps because it was so intense!  Shane responded with “I hear you” which was probably for the best, because based on the look on Esposito’s face he wasn’t messing around.  Also, after speaking with Shane, Javi is in his car with Joey where he shows him his juvenile record.  Turns out our sexy cop had a bit of a troubled past with his record including assault, resisting arrest, and unlawful possession.  Joey speaks for all of us saying “you were a mess” but it was so fantastic to learn about Esposito’s past and how he became the cop he is today.  Even tough guys have a soft spot though, and Espo tells Joey he can call him if he needs anything.  Joey responds with “you’re alright for a cop” which was a sweet moment between these two.  Learning about Javi’s past and seeing his caring side earn this a solid spot on this week’s countdown!

3. Pajama Party
Later in the episode, Beckett and Esposito are talking with Joey’s case worker who is trying to figure out where to place him since his uncle is not around and unable to be contacted.  She says that she has to put him in temporary foster care which Esposito nixes because it is not safe for Joey to be “out there” right now because he could get killed.  The case workers second option is putting him in protective custody in juvenile hall, but Esposito doesn’t like this idea either because it will not help him gain Joey’s trust.  As Beckett put it, Joey is the key to solving their murder so they can’t risk him not trusting them. Esposito then offers to take him so that he can keep him safe and gain his trust at the same time which earns a look of approval from Beckett.  The case worker agrees to delay the paperwork one night and Esposito claims that he’s “got this” and “the kid doesn’t have a father so he probably just needs someone to connect with.”  Turns out Espo doesn’t “have it” though because after getting to his apartment and Joey stating he would rather have a pajama party with the lady cop (sorry that’s reserved for Castle), Joey sneaks out the window.  Don’t worry though, Esposito caught up with him eventually and took extra measures to make sure he didn’t get away again (hello handcuffs)!

2.  Lose a Turn
This episode got off to a fun start with Castle and Beckett arriving at the crime scene arguing about Beckett losing a turn and it being “the rules” that she loses that turn.  Losing a turn in what you ask?  A game?  Nope.  Turns out Castle and Beckett had a little movie night.  I’ll give you a second to make up a nice scenario in your mind with Castle and Beckett cuddling on the couch watching movies… ok fantasy time over!  Castle immediately asks Espo’s advice about “the rules” asking “In a relationship if you choose a movie and you choose very, very poorly do you lose your turn?”  Esposito asks “how poorly?”  and we find out Beckett chose the chick flick “Valentine’s Day.” Esposito tells her “you should lose two turns” and we get a nice bro fist bump between Castle and Espo.  Beckett is clearly frustrated and Espo says “I’m just saying those are the rules” which elicits a “that’s ridiculous” from Kate.  I agree girl!  A relationship is about compromise and if you agree to take turns then that’s how it goes no matter how much the other person hates your choice.  One request though; next time Caskett has a movie night I want a nice little cuddling on the couch scene!

1.  Nuts on the Rocks
Esposito goes to a bar to find Shane Winters (who bailed out Joey and Holly) but it doesn’t look good for Javi when Mr. Winters bodyguard comes up to him and says he isn’t taking any meetings today.  Finally answering the bartender’s question of what he wants to drink, Espo asks for a bag of ice.  Confused and irritated the bartender asks “what the hell do you want with a bag of ice?” but I instantly knew where this was going and it wasn’t looking good for the bodyguard!  Espo turns and hits the bodyguard in what I’ll call the “man zone” and down he goes.  Esposito replies to the bartender saying “it’s for him” and then steps over his body.  Always the gentlemen though, he does say “excuse me” as he makes his way to Shane.  I loved this scene because it showed Esposito’s tough guy side and how invested he was in getting the killer in this case but also how he keeps his suave personality in the process.   Keeping it classy and kicking ass…That’s how I like my Esposito and why it’s number one on my scale! Let’s be honest…with such an Esposito centered episode you knew he would be a number one moment right?   

So since this episode did face some tough criticism what did you guys think?  Were you excited for an Espo centered episode or were you not too excited about it and you ended up being pleasantly surprised? What other supporting characters would you like to learn more about in future episodes? Would you include different moments or have a different #1? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll talk Castle!  It will be fun J

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