Under The Influence: Episode details (MEGA SPOILERS)

Don't read further if you don't want to know what will happen tonight on Castle!

We have some episode details, you might not want to know!

The following section contains spoilers:

- Caskett are fighting about losing a turn to pick a movie
- Beckett wants to watch Valentine's Day
- Beckett hits Espo in the head
- Lanie gives Espo a glare after he starts talking about a girl
"Yo did u just do the hair thing" -Espo "what hair thing?" -Ryan "everytime you meet a celebrity or pretty girl you do the hair thing" (from the 4th sneak peek)
- Sarcastic Kate is back: "I'm sure your Mama's soooo proud."
- A suspect made fun of Castle's hair
- Hairporn makes a cameo again too tonight 
- Beckett looks pretty darn cute with her hair and scarf
- Castle: "Ooooh.. Maybe i should leave." Beckett:"As long as you leave the coffee."
(- Dr. Burke from last season appears in a commercial during the episode)
- Suspects are hitting on Beckett again: "Hi Joey, I'm detective Kate Beckett." Joey:"Major hottie, that's what you are."
- Espo is super hot: *Espo walks in* Joey:"Where's the super hot detective?" Espo:"You're looking at him."
- For the very first time we will see Esposito's apartment tonight
- Espo is helping a kid out who he brought back to his place, but the kid escapes out of Espo's apartment
- Cuffs: Espo handcuffed the kid to himself
- And then to a table
- As you probably already notice and knew, this episode is more focused on Esposito
- So if you're an Espo fan, you gonna love this episode
- Beckett is wearing a sexy silk shirt now
- Not much Caskett this ep
- After 2 commercial breaks Castle and Beckett are finally back
- Beckett throws her pen in the air
- The episode is compared with Heartbreak Hotel, but then a bit better
- Espo: "You pulled that piece on me. I had to defend myself. So, I killed you. You understand me? Or should we play out that story?"
- We learn that Espo was a troublemaker when he was a kid. Obviously he has changed now
- The episode ends with Espo and the kid, not with a Caskett moment

And again no Canadian promo
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