Under The Influence: Preview For Upcoming Sneak Peeks

As we are waiting for more sneak peeks to come online Examiner wrote a preview for the upcoming sneak peeks. Read their preview here:

Sneak peek videos of "Castle" episode 5x11 have been released today on Jan. 11, and the episode is shaping up to be a bit Esposito-centric. If you'll recall, "Under the Influence" is the episode in which Espo takes a troubled teen under his wing, and in the third sneak peek, we get a little glimpse at who this kid Joey is currently running around with.
Winters: "You must be Detective Esposito. Joey told me you two been hanging out. Said sooner or later you'd find your way down here."
Esposito: "So he warned you."
Winters: "Yeah, he's a good kid. Dependable."
Considering Esposito has to take out Winters' bodyguard just to get close to him, then offers up his cuffs and dares Shane Winters (played by Michael Irby) to resist arrest, this Mr. Winters can't possibly be too great of a guy for a kid to hang around with in Javi's opinion. According to the press release, Winters apparently has a criminal record and some sort of connection to murder victim Holly Rhodes, aka DJ Beat.
In an additional sneak peek, we have the gang at the crime scene. Holly Rhodes was found by a homeless man searching dumpsters for cans, and her body was rolled up in a tarp. The DJ was killed by a close-range gunshot wound and Castle surmises the killer was hoping the body would have been taken away with the morning trash.
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