11 Characters We Would Love To See Return On Castle

During the course of the now four and a half season of Castle, we've seen many characters on the show. Some of them we really miss and would love to see them return on Castle someday.

We made a list of the 11 characters we would love to see return somehow.

11. Castle's Poker Buddies
We haven't seen Castle's writers slash poker friends for quite a while now. As they always had some good and fun advice to help Castle along with the cases he was working on, we hope they will return soon at the poker table. Maybe even with some fresh blood. How amazing would it be if JK Rowling suddenly would show up as Castle's newest poker buddy?

10. Detective Slaughter
It won't be very likely that Castle will voluntarily shadow Slaughter again, after his first time, but Castle and Slaughter had a great chemistry going on, like the actors had that too in the cancelled show Firefly. Baldwin did an amazing job to play a real jerk, that everyone loved. Hopefully someday he will be needed on a case.

9. Jenny Ryan
For the return of Kevin Ryan's wife we luckily don't have to wait very long. Jenny will make her return in the Ryan centric episode The Wild Rover.

8. Jim Beckett
We've met daddy Beckett a couple of times already, but as die hard Castle fans we want to know more about Beckett's past then we already do. Jim Beckett might be very helpful in giving us some insights in the live of young Kate. Maddie, who we got to know in Food To Die For, might be a good option for that too.
We are pretty certain we will see the father of Beckett back in not too long from now. Caskett is doing great, so maybe we can expect THE question by the end of this sea on or in season 6. We expect Castle to be as old-fashioned to ask Jim for her hand. And after that daddy Beckett has to give away his daughter, when Kate will become Richard's wife.
Another good reason we want Jim back, is that in the last episode where he made an appearance, it seemed like he and Martha couldn't get along, but they managed to set aside the differences. It seemed that there even might flourish something more between the parents of Caskett.

7. Natalie Rhodes
In the episode Nikki Heat, Natalie Rhodes played an actress who was following Beckett around to get insights for her role in the very first Nikki Heat movie. Since then we haven't heard much about the movie anymore. Yes, Castle and Beckett went to visit the set, but Natalie Rhodes wasn't there to be found.
In a future episode we would like to see Natalie Rhodes return and we would love to find out more about the Nikki Heat move. We are thinking that it might be a great bonus feature for the DVD, if there would be a trailer or maybe even the first few minutes from the Nikki Heat movie on.

6. Perlmutter
We can't even express how much we like Lanie as the sassy ME, but she has some rough competition. Sidney Perlmutter. He always is responsible for some funny scenes with his crankiness. Perlmutter turns up every season once or twice, so we have good hopes we will see him and his cranky self back soon.

5. Special Agent Jordan Shaw
In the very first two-parter of Castle we met FBI agent Jordan Shaw, who came to help Castle and Beckett to solve the murder on the Nikki Heat-killer. Her style and the acting by Dana Delany made such an impression on us, that we since Boom! hoping for her to come back someday.
Maybe we are lucky, as the rating of Body Of Proof are pretty terrible. It is very likely that the show will get cancelled soon, so Delaney might have some time spare she could fill up on the Castle set.

4. Josh (And Beckett's Other Exes)
We already have seen some of Caste's exes come by in the show. And we can see in Beckett's eyes she is hurt by the thought that Castle was with so many other women before her.
Now we would love to see Beckett's exes return. Especially Josh. We think there would be a chance of some amazingly awkward and jealous scenes if Josh would return to try to win Beckett's heart back. Or even just have him around.

3. Senator Bracken
Since the very first season we follow Kate Beckett in her fight to find justice for her her mother. Now she finally found the guy who was responsible for her murder and the murders of many others. But she can't touch him. Yet.
We would love to see the Senator return, so Beckett can get the justice she is looking for. Especially now he owe her, after she saved his life. What would happen between Beckett and the Senator if they would meet again?

2. Castle's father
In Hunt we finally met the father of Castle, who's name we still don't know after the episode. Unfortunately his work wouldn't allow him to stay and bond with his son, with his granddaughter or with Martha, but we would love him back on the show to just do that. The story that he met Richard before in the library, giving him the book that made him become a writer and him telling his son that he was proud of him, always, makes us want daddy Castle to come back soon on the show.

1. Captain Roy Montgomery
Although Montgomery is dead, we would love to see him back on the show. We think a flashback would give the writers of the show an excellent opportunity for that.
We miss our old Captain. Even though Montgomery has a good replacement with Captain Gates, he always be in our hearts and minds as the one and only Captain of the 12th Precinct.

Which character would you love to see return on Castle?
Or who would you like to never ever make a return?

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